Wednesday, March 19, 2008

MIA for awhile

I've been Missing In Action for awhile, but I am here now.
Its been a busy little while. I've been mending hearts, sewing stuff and driving to lacrosse. I even made a quick trip to Driggs Idaho for a funeral of the coolest uncle I had. Uncle Wayne Moss passed away, leaving my dear Aunt Julie.. He always struck me as the surfer dude, very cool kind of guy. I am sorry he had to leave, but I know he is no longer suffering and he is in a better place.

Motherhood has thrown me a few labor pains as I see my kids struggle with different things. I never knew it hurt moms so much when their kids are hurting.

I did get to go to Hale Center theater and see "She Loves Me" with Dave. It was awesome and wonderful. I do love that place.

I have been sewing a certain pattern from a local girl. She has a line of bags. I have made about 5 of the same one recently. It can be a church bag or a diaper bag, or a take to the library bag.

Most excitedly is the arrival of a new baby in our extended family. Greg and Jess will welcome tiny man Adam to the party soon, and we just found out BobbaHolly are going to have a GIRL!!

That is my update for now