Wednesday, February 13, 2008

1. Age I will be on my next birthday - 45
2. Favorite Food - spicy stuff
3. Favorite Color - pink
4. A place I would like to visit - hawaii
5. Where I live -Lehi
6. Name of a past or present pet - ziggy
7. One of my favorite places -Nauvoo
8. Favorite holiday - Thanksgiving
9. A bad habit - unfinished projects
10. Favorite animal - Kittens
11. Favorite cartoon from childhood - Mighty Mouse, he was alway singing yet masculine and a hero at that
12. My name (or nickname) - connie
13. Favorite sport- Wii
14. Favortie extravagance (what I do or get when I have a little extra time and money) quilt stuff
15. A phrase I over use - feed the kitties

Friday, February 8, 2008

another friend, meg

well, while I am waiting for my camera battery charger to come in the mail, I havent been posting much. After reading Jess' blog, I realize that I could post the cute things little people say to me.
First off has to be my niece Meg. She is one great 5 yr old chicka. One day she looked at me and out of the blue, said, "when I am a grandma you will be dead." I thought and said, "ya, probably, but I will be an angel and watch over you if I am" Then without thinking at all, she promptly asked "when you are are will you make ange be nicer to me?" that is her older sister... I laughed and thought of the fun of haunting little angie and told megs I would see what I could do.
Just the other day meg was bonking her head against her younger sisters head. Megs disapproving mom said, "Meg- dont head butt." Meggie gave her mom a disgusted look and said "Mom! it was head head!"
she is such a little bug.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

So, Robin tagged me so here tis

10 years ago- all my kids were home and I was one busy mama. Taking kids to dance lessons and doctors appointments. I think I was serving in YW then. We lived in the same house we live in now.

on my to do list-many sewing projects like the womans voices quilt, a scarf for cubs birthday coming up, a stitchery/quilty pillow for two weddings coming up...

5 places Ive lived- Payson Utah, Santa Ana California, Huntington Beach California, Provo, Orem, Salt Lake City and Lehi... that is every one, not just 5

5 jobs Ive had- christmas gift wrapper at a store, office assistant, cashier, shuttle driver, office driver.. going around to get the mail and other offices (Didnt like that one much) LPN at a clinic and a hospital and a nursing home. I have actually clapped my hands for money as well. again, more then 5

What I would do if I became a billionaire- be more involved in humanitarian work, serve a mission with my dh, travel, take care of my parents, buy more clothes and shoes for me and my people. Make my home the way we want it in more detail. Get rid of the annoying jeep and get Dave a different car.

bad habits- buying too much fabric, eating junk at about 3 pm, talking way too much, never folding socks, and never stopping at 5 of anything.. oh except kids :)

things I enjoy- a great sewing project while watching celestial tv like conference, KBYU tv, or a decent telestial movie,the best ya can hope for. Laying in my bed with my daughters and laughing while dh tries to go to sleep.. it's really funny. Hanging with my sibs and parents, snuggeling with who ever will snuggle with me, my kids, dh, even sweetie kitty. Dating my dh and talking with him and laughing with him.

things people don't know about me- I AM really sick right headachy and sore throatish and my nose is totally doing its own thing.
also- I think I packed my camera battery recharger away with the christmas things. so I can not post pictures for a while :(

who do tag? jenny, brandi, and alisha!!