Monday, May 31, 2010

a change

Last November, David suggested we think about moving to a different place. This house really is awesome and we have loved living there. I was in no mental state to accept his idea at that time. I was actually really shocked he thought of it. He had started looking at homes for sale on the Internet.

I do admit that at Christmas, I felt a little crowded having everyone here. We just have bigger kids now and they, happily, are bringing others to the family. I remember shocking the boys proclaiming we should move to a different house by next Christmas.

Fast forward to this past late winter and early spring. Circumstances had come up that nudged the decision along. In late February and March and April and May we looked at houses. We looked mostly on the Internet, many drive bys, and eventually hooking up with a great real estate guy. We saw some freaky houses- its really odd how many weird things are out there.

Finally we agreed on a beautiful home in Highland. We wanted somewhere where the boys could still attend the same school here in Lehi. We really feel content with the decision. It will be very hard to leave the ward and the little community we have, though I know its the best thing for my family. We will still have ties here, with the boys going to LHS. And we will hopefully still be invited to weddings and showers and missionary farewells. I sometimes get really sad realizing what we are giving up here. We've lived here for 15 years. This is the only home Jacob has known, and Joseph and Aub remember.

I'm so thankful that I get to take my family with me. We will sell this house and I pray for a little family to come that will enjoy this place as much as we have. One thing I really need to adjust to is being more separated from the goings on in the home. In this house, I know pretty much what is going on. I know what is on the computer, on the TV and who is where. Those are some of the advantages of this split level. We will be in a two story with a basement. Ill be so far from my boys when I'm working in the kitchen and they are down in their bedrooms.... sounds dumb, I know.

So there ya go. The quiet plans of the summer are revealed. If all goes well, as we think it will, we will be allowed to move in near the end of June. July is a bad month to "move". Dave and Jacob to scout camp, Joseph to EFY and a long planned for paid for family trip too. I'm glad my kids are all old enough to help out. We need to fix up our Lehi house before we sell, so we are hoping to put it up for sale sometime in July, after we are out.

John Bytheway has a book I've read and one of his topics is not to complain about your blessings. I'm trying to remember that and will try not to complain during this transition, and I'll try not to cry.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I just don't like it

I'm so glad he is usually in Utah.

I'm so glad we are best friends.

I'm so glad he comes home almost every night and lightens my worries
and slays any dragon messing with me.

I'm so glad he likes me and wants to be with me.

I'm so glad I caught his heart.

I'm so glad he balances me out with his objective logical mind.

I'm so glad he is such a great father and role model for my sons.

I just don't like it when he has to go- at all

A little stress is no match for The Chocolate

After a few stressful events Laura Aubrey and I, along with Jack,
ended up at "the chocolate". It is a place in Orem that serves cake,
cupcakes, a little vanilla ice cream, or milk and also hot chocolate.
They also have lemon bars, a few cookies and a few other like items.
The three of us had spent the morning together and after a large-good-
iced-drink spilled in my car, Laura tripping (without dropping baby
boy) and ripping her Vanity jeans in the knee and lots of bleeding,
and the overall naggin' stress of a probable up coming event, we knew
the answer would be found at The Chocolate. Now I gotta get serious
about The Gym

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I called his mom

I called his mom Another year passes and I of course remember the day my friend died on his mission. I am an old, very happily married lady, but each May 13, I remember that heartbroken 17 year old girl I was. I've had more than a few sad dreams about that time so its easy to recall the
sadness. I also think of this missionarys mom and wonder how she's
doing on this date.
I mentioned something about it on a facebook page "people who miss
elder Kent Williams" and was invited to call Kents mom and let her
know I was thinking about her. Wow. I hadn't thought of doing that.
The last time I saw her was at the graveside service in Vegas in 1981
So I did it! I called her and she did have a good day, well she had
foot surgery- but from a sentimental perspective it was good. I was so brave to look passed all the years that were between us. We
had a nice little visit. You all know I'm a wimp so I hope you are
as impressed with my courage as I am :)

May 18

May 18

Today for our sisters activity we played with food. We made chicken
cordon bleu, enough or us to each take some home. We also made a
double batch of some homemade Oreos. This all started with a gift
Laurie got die mothers day. Her daughters in law compiled and had
printed a cookbook of family recipes. (I'm hoping to at least get the
recipes by email or something). We have a great group of four
generations including cousins and adopted in proxy daughters. There
are a few tinys and more littles in the group too. Pickles have
somehow become the traditional snack--- don't know why. Anyway enjoy
the pictures. It was a great time.


a really fun day

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fun times with Jack.

As you may know, Little Man Jack comes over evey week. He is typically
very happy and easy to entertain. He eats just about anything, so when
Aub broke out the jello the other day we decided to let him try it. At
first I held him on my lap at the counter. He did really good
cinsidering how slippery jello is. We ended up using the high chair
for awhile and then the party ended in the traditional bath in
grandmas kitchen sink. What a little love he is.