Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I did that wrong!! sorry its back wards . What we've been up to!

Time for a catch up! Here's a bit of what we've been up to. I've started a tshirt quilt for Jacobs drama shows shirts. It may be done soon-- ish. Then I'll start one with little E. (Eryn)!!!

The first of three family graduates

Brig graduated today, becomes an elder tonight and goes to the temple tomorrow. In two weeks he will be in the MTC then headed to TEXAS for his mission!

Snow cones. Well this one was for four

A visit to TG point.

We found a little corner that we love. So close to the big waterfall and kind of private. So beautiful.

Planting a sorry little garden

Some of our starts got ignored too long... Very sad

A little physical therapy

Roses for Mother's Day

The death stare lives

Every time I say something to Joseph that he does not want to do, I get the death stare. Ill ask him things like to make the kitties a play land--- death stare...
My part of the game is to say as many rhyming words to stare. Hair stair chair fair pear dare care lair rare mare. Silly jojo