Friday, April 25, 2008

A night at the Hale Center Theater

Last year, my great dh gave me season tickets to the local theater in Orem. It is not community theater, so I guess that makes it professional theater, I think they pay their actors.. whatever
We have enjoyed all shows we have seen. Mostly... I do not find one writer that great... which is fine, cause they don't use him often. (Neil Simon) But, last week, we went to see The Miracle Worker. It was fantastic. It was beautiful. Between the very sweet portrayal of Helen Keller's mother, and wonderful Anne Sullivan, and the cute 12 yr old girl portraying Helen, I was in tears most of the night. That had never happened to me at the Hale. I happened to be there with Dave and my parents and 2 of my sisters and their husbands. My Dad confessed to tearing up as well.
The instant at the well was by far the most amazing scene. After struggling to get Helen out to the pump and refill the water pitcher that had become empty during an earlier struggle, Anne tries to convince Helen the meaning of sign language as it pertains to the actual item. It was so great. I think what made it so great was knowing it really happened and all the good that came from that long long heartache.
I wondered, during the show, what is inside me, and what is inside you that only a obstacle would bring out, or has brought out already.. hummmm..
go see it if you get the chance, let me know how you like it

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Monday, April 14, 2008


I have recently had two separate experiences that have taught me the same lesson. I blog it to you so that you too, can learn this.

I recently came across a person I had met just once before, and consequently talked to and teased him as well. Maybe just "made him smile" is a better term then "teased". He had been a dance teacher and he was recently in a performance at BYU that my daughter was in. After the show, I spoke with him, congratulating him on his show and reminding him that we had already met. I don't think he really remembered me but his eyes lit up and he acted like he remembered me and gave me a huge hug. Wow! I did not expect that!! It was very kind and nice. Lesson- Hugs are good. They make others feel happy.

Second experience, same lesson- A few years ago one of my friends passed away, leaving her good husband alone with 2 kids. Thankfully he was able to meet and marry a woman I never got to meet. Well, I did get to meet her a few weeks ago. When I introduced myself and told her how I knew her husband and kids, she just gave me a huge hug... Wow! I did not expect that!! It was very kind and nice. Lesson- Hugs are good. They make others feel happy.

There ya go.. actually, there I go!! learn the lesson Connie.. give freely and maybe surprise a few folks along the way ;)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cousins, Aunts and Uncles

Yesterday I had the great experience of heading off to a city up north with two of my siblings and my parents. We were going up for my Moms brothers birthday. His
80th birthday. It was great fun and so good to see people at a happy setting. My cousins have been a constant part of my life I was never one of the "in" group, but was always entertained by watching it all. I think watching each of my parents with their siblings taught me how important my siblings were to be even in my adult life.
I guess the most surprising moment, though it might seem unsignificant, was when we sang Happy Birthday to Uncle Tom.
First, a little background. Growing up in a big family we had a birthday within the group every few months. I grew up singing two songs during the candle/cake part of dinner. One was the traditional "Happy Birthday to you..." followed by another short one. That song came from my Moms family. I dont know why or how that song came along, but no matter, we faithfully sang it right after the traditonal song every time there was a birthday. It didnt take long for me to realize that it was a -My Family- type of thing, as friends would sometimes look a little lost if they heard us sing the second song. As I created my own family with Dave, we of course incorporated this tradition. His side of the family cleaverly has added their own 2-3 primary songs just for kicks.. what ever....
So back to the party. We all sang the first song, then for the first time in my life the whole roomful of people knew and sang the next song. It was more awesome then you think. A three or four generation tradition living on. I am so happy I was there