Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween 2010

I'm really not a huge fan of Halloween, but there are a few fun things about the holiday. I'll tell you just one- Joseph has been saving his money for a monkey costume. He is sure he will use it *all the time* plus he wanted to pull a Halloween silly at school today. His buddy was going to be out in the lunch area and start to peel a banana-- enter Joseph. A chase scene and they both run out of the building. As Joseph tried on the costume I called him "power-line" from a goofy movie- and told him not to get detention. I saw the movie, I know how it goes. (As a perspective thing goes, its so awesome to see my boy being light hearted and having fun instead if having anxiety issues like he's had in the past)

It's 10:46 pm and I don't know how the monkey thing went. He went to his last night working at cornbellys- a corn maze place in Lehi. I'm pretty sure he didn't get locked up for the prank, I never got a phone call.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

While the cats away

When my husband goes out of down I am very gentle with myself. I sleep crooked in bed, watch shows he doesn't like much, (the nanny, everybody loves Raymond to mention 2) I also go shipping/looking. Recently I found this little advent calendar type Christmas decoration. I snagged one for my family but now I'm looking for 24 ideas for what to put in those little doors. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What I'm glad we had

In a very odd twist of fate, 3 out five of us ended up with the stomach flu early Monday morning. Thankfully, it was only a twenty four hour deal. While we were feeling awful I was so thankful I had at least some of these comfort items. I record this here for me to remember and for anyone else who needs a few ideas. Laura is making a list too so we can compare ideas. The first item that was used was some Listerine. I had been using a little bottle as a gargle to keep sore throats away- well it came in very handy to rid my mouth and throat of some very awful tastes. Gatorade was the first thing that seemed to even be appetizing so I'm glad we had that too. Of course easy to use soap and hand sanitizer was good to have. Later, 7-up and crackers then ramen was perfect to have. As I type this I'm thinking maybe it's too much information. But really when no one wants to go out, and those that aren't sick don't want to be home, it was great to already have these things here. So I went out today to replenish supplies.
Hope this info helps your life

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"I am a part of the fellowship"

Recently there has been negative press on a certain talk given at general conference. It is really sad how the talk has been labeled as "hateful" and "hate disguised as love". The whole finger pointing is very divisive. Often, when there is finger pointing the person accusing is actually violating the issue they accuse the other person of. 

For FHE we went to the Lehi house so Dave could fix the latches on the windows that lift from the bottom, instead of the side. (If any summercrest friends need this fixed at their homes call me! We have extra parts and know how). While he worked Jacob and I write letters of thanks and support to Elder Packer. Dave asked me if i thought President Packer would actually get to read any of the letters.  I told him I didn't know, but that for me, it was something I needed to do, and something I wanted my son to see me do.  So we both wrote while Dave fixed the windows.  After they were fixed I read my letter and asked Jacob if he wanted to read his.   Jacobs letter brought tears to my eyes and a beautiful spirit into our unconventional fhe. 
Today a quote came to my mind that I am really feeling these days. I'm going to try and memorize it. Here's the first part. 

I'm part of the fellowship of the unashamed. I have Holy Spirit power. The die has been cast. I have stepped over the line. The decision has been made. I'm a disciple of His. I won't look back, let up, slow down, back away, or be still. 


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Maybe the best

Friday night my food husband took me to thanksgiving point for a date. It was great to have him back in town and going to TG point was perfect, close to home and usually no waiting. We shared an entree so we had enough money and room to try one of the desserts. We tried the suggested creme brûlée. The waiters said some have said it wad the best they'd had. So we gave it a try. It actually was pretty good. It seems some creme brûlée kind of leaves a coating all over your mouth that's marginally gross- but TG points was not like that at all. It came with a tiny bit of fresh raspberries and a fancy strawberry and a few yummy cookies that complimented it very well. I think we will give it another try sometime. Text me if ya want to come with me, ah... I mean come with us. :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A first, On Lauras bday

On October 3 we had a birthday breakfast for our Laura. It was more like brunch since it was between morning and afternoon conference. We had a great time with everyone there, and for the very first time, we used our huge dining room table. Still need to get place mats or a big table cloth, but I think it was a great event to celebrate with another first in this home. Happy birthday sweetie-- we're so glad you are in our family.

Another picture

Jack wants more

Laura and Steve have been teaching little Jack some sign language. The little man has been showing his understanding of the word "more" and I've got to see him in action a few times. It is really awesome. The fun thing is the more he wants *more* the faster he signs it. It is so cute!! Here's a picture of him communicating he wants more ramen noodles!! Silly grandma, I was just giving him pretzels and gummy worms.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Quality vs Quantity

I come from a pretty big family. Dad, Mom and seven kids. I happen to be number 5.

When I was younger some people we knew used to tell my Mom, at times in front of us kids, that she had "quantity" kids while they had "quality" kids. The two ladies that said this to my Mom had 2 kids each. I think it was said a little in jest, but I know it hurt my Mom. We as the kids always wondered about it. I don't think we ever believed it cause to us, having a big family was a good thing. We didn't go on as many cool vacations or had as many fashionable clothes, but we were happy and those things really didn't mean that much to us.

Fast forward to all us kids being grown up. Every week many in my family play together. We get together on Sundays for dinner and once a month for dessert palooza. We go out to lunch together, we meet up and do stuff together. My family that I was born into is such a huge blessing in my life. Other people join us for these events and appear to love being with such a big group. Anyone that shows up more than once is immediately an honorary member of our family. I'm so thankful for my big family. I'm so thankful we are involved with my great nieces and nephews, and that my kids have a great association with cousins.
While the Quality vs Quantity thing still kinda stings, there is no way I will ever believe a big family is not quality!

A happy surprise

last night I was here at home all alone. Jacob was at YMs, Joseph at a rock concert, Kim off with Jordan and David in Texas. I was on the computer getting things done for my new calling and a knock came to the door. It was 4 or 5 young women and one adult leader on a service scavenger hunt. Well... I wasnt going to put them to work, but I did tell them I had something they could do for me. They all sat down and I explained I was kinda new and didnt know many people. I wanted them to each tell me something about themselves that is kind of special so I would remember it about them and maybe remembe their names. They started to tell me when another knock came to the door. There were about 8 more girls and 2 more leaders. I was so happy to see them. I made them come in and join the others in giving me service. They were all so cute and happy and they laughed at my lame attempt at humor. I gave them my blessing on teasing and being friends with Joseph and Jacob. They were very fun and silly about that. I was surprised how happy their little visit made me. I do have to wonder why I was put in scouts..... ? whatever

Friday, October 1, 2010

we got an offer

Wednesday night, Jacob and I went to the Lehi house to drop a key off on the new lock box. Joel had left it there earlier that day. Last night, Thursday, Dave came home from work telling me he had just been on the phone with Joel, our favorite realestate guy. There had been a showing (the boys call it a viewing) a Thursday afternoon and the lookers (or viewers) would like to buy the house. WOW! so thats where we are. David leaves for a business trip on Monday so we will need to sign documents this weekend. Actually while we were buying David was out of town and he faxed in his signature.... weird hua? So I guess it could still wrap up next week. I will be good to have all the money stuff settled down, then we can start to finish moving in!
last December or January I wrote something like, I wonder what 2010 will bring. NEVER thought we would buy AND sell houses... So weird, but good. Its good
Heres a better way to see the house then search