Sunday, October 10, 2010

Maybe the best

Friday night my food husband took me to thanksgiving point for a date. It was great to have him back in town and going to TG point was perfect, close to home and usually no waiting. We shared an entree so we had enough money and room to try one of the desserts. We tried the suggested creme brûlée. The waiters said some have said it wad the best they'd had. So we gave it a try. It actually was pretty good. It seems some creme brûlée kind of leaves a coating all over your mouth that's marginally gross- but TG points was not like that at all. It came with a tiny bit of fresh raspberries and a fancy strawberry and a few yummy cookies that complimented it very well. I think we will give it another try sometime. Text me if ya want to come with me, ah... I mean come with us. :)

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