Friday, October 1, 2010

we got an offer

Wednesday night, Jacob and I went to the Lehi house to drop a key off on the new lock box. Joel had left it there earlier that day. Last night, Thursday, Dave came home from work telling me he had just been on the phone with Joel, our favorite realestate guy. There had been a showing (the boys call it a viewing) a Thursday afternoon and the lookers (or viewers) would like to buy the house. WOW! so thats where we are. David leaves for a business trip on Monday so we will need to sign documents this weekend. Actually while we were buying David was out of town and he faxed in his signature.... weird hua? So I guess it could still wrap up next week. I will be good to have all the money stuff settled down, then we can start to finish moving in!
last December or January I wrote something like, I wonder what 2010 will bring. NEVER thought we would buy AND sell houses... So weird, but good. Its good
Heres a better way to see the house then search

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