Monday, October 27, 2008

An amazing day

Today my oldest dd delivered her first (more to come I am sure) baby as a L&D nurse. It was scary and she was nervous. Her heart was more into this delivery cause she knows the daddy and mama of the little baby. She also knows all the aunts and uncle and grandma and grandpa on the daddy side. Because the dr did not make it in time my smart laur delivered the first grandbaby of one of my best friends. I am so proud of her. She is AMAZING. The whole thing is amazing

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Who is luckier?

Grandma and her 30th grandchild. Can't decide who is luckier. R came
over to grandmas with the toys r us catalog, to show grandma her top
picks for Christmas. So sweet so fun!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

How can this be good?

Senator Barack Obama, Governor Bill Richardson, Senator Hillary Clinton and Ruth Harkin stand during the national anthem.
Barack Hussein Obama's photo (that's his real name).....the article said he REFUSED TO NOT ONLY PUT HIS HAND ON HIS HEART DURING THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE, BUT REFUSED TO SAY THE in the world can a man like this expect to be our next Commander-in-Chief (this was followed by a photo)

Under Obama, a lady I correspond with was told on her nursing shift that an botched abortion had resulted in a small baby being born. She was ordered, at the threat of her job, to only take vitals on that baby and report the time it died. Being a lady that respects life, she disobeyed orders and fed and soothed that baby until it did die. She was in trouble but did in her heart what she felt was right.... How could anything else be right?

I so don't get the Obama rage... maybe McCain isn't my first pick, but for these and some other reasons, I will be voting for McCain.

Friday, October 24, 2008

A winner : )

Ten fat quarters!!! What am I going to make with these beauties?

Look what I won!!

a find at Costco

I almost had to buy this soft soft soft warmie thing for some baby in my future. This is no announcement. It's just a long standing hope for someday. :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just for the record

I am totally for Prop 8. I can't officially vote on this one, but for the record it is my hope that "marriage" will always stay between one woman and one man.

I like to consider myself as one that is kind and respectful to those of differing orientations, but let's not start re-defining words.

Protect families, protect children, protect marriage.

Joanna and Christi

The other day I was at the doctors office and when I was called back I thought I recognized the nurse. I looked at her name tag. Joanna? Ah, I remembered.

When we first moved to Provo summer of 1981, we , meaning my parents and two younger siblings, moved into some student apartments. I attended the student ward while my folks went to the family ward. Right in that complex lived Joanna. She was so kind and quickly became my friend. Somewhere along the line it was discovered that Joanna and her family knew my family from before I was born!! She and Laurie were best friends as first graders. In 1981 she told me about the nursing program at a near by college and I credit her with the decision I made to become a nurse.

So as Joanna gave me my flu shot and checked my blood levels, I reminded her who I was. She was so sweet and kind and so happy to reconnect. She spoke so highly of Laurie and how much her friendship meant.

Today I had this same kind of thing happen to me!! My best friend from a single digit age contacted me through Facebook. Christi and I were buds and she was so good to me. I never could make it though a sleep over at any ones house, but she was still my friend. She moved away from California before high school, and we have had a few times we have seen each other. But this was a better contact.. you know, facebook. Long ago friends are almost impossible to find.
I found two.. or got found by one, and found one.. it was very VERY cool.

My David is gone

Dave is on a business trip and it certainly makes time drag. He is in Mexico. I was invited to come along, but I honestly have no desire to go to Mexico and just coming home from the UK I wasn't ready to leave my two boys so soon.

I thought I might include a silly little thing that was started by the Duclos boys, my sisters kids. They figured out little nick-names for the Uncles, only the married in ones though... maybe its cause the sista s are so tight...
so here ya go
we got
Holly is married to Mean Gene
Karie is married to Brave Dave
Laurie is married to Mad Dad or scary Jerry
Connie is married to Behave Dave... if you know him this makes sense
Krista is married to Screwy Louie

I am missing my Behave Dave. He does wear a tie pretty much all of Sunday, and he does live pretty straight arrow. He is so great and a great leader of this family. I always say,"I don't brag much about the things Ive done, but I do think I landed a great man to be the father to my kids." He will do all he can to bring this family to heaven. Do you believe that we have had very few fights? honestly I can say we have had less then 5 arguments. It's not because we always agree, its just that anger is not a choice he usually chooses. I have never heard him yell, except at a BYU game. Certainly being with him has caused me to be a more peaceful person.
I am a blessed girl. I am looking forward to his return

two songs

Today while I was driving the boys around I heard two songs that made me so happy!

The first was "ABC" by the Jackson 5. I think it is on my list.. scroll on down, just for the fun of it. A few years ago, I found myself the proud mama of a Lehi High School Encore Choir parent. Encore was the best choir in the school. Manu Harris had made it SO great. Ever since I had heard of Encore I had hoped some of my kids would be involved in that choir. It was the premier show choir. At the beginning of Laura's Jr year, she was in!! Oh such fun! The songs, the choreography, and finally some interaction with a lot of boys, for my ballet dancer Laura. As a "mom-of", her junior year was fun, but her senior year, for me, was a blast!! Maybe it was because there were more kids I knew in the choir. By that time there was a new teacher Tiffany Nutter. She was so awesome. Being only a few years older then the students made for some really funny times. Her good husband was a big part of the party too. Both are so talented and spiritually strong. Perfect influences in my book. It was that year I totally bonded with my very good friend Lisa. (We had been in the same ward for years, but never buddied up.) She and I were tour moms with the group to Anaheim that year.
It was also a time I grew really close to my Laura. I always knew the day would come when she could choose whether I was in her life or not, since she would be moving off to BYU. She got news of her scholarship while we were at Knotts Berry Farm shopping. We were both so stoked.

ABC was one of the songs the kids sang. I so love the memories of that. I also smile from ear to ear when I hear "My girl" I think the only person that really knows how I feel about these songs is my fellow tour mom, Lisa. Ah, wasn't it great? Encore show choir has continued at LHS, but has changed its focus to more of a jazz choir, I so miss the old razzle dazzle. I will always love those memories. Many thanks to Manu, Tiffany, Dave, Nellie, Chris, Tyler, Jillinda, Benji, Emily, Ammon, (my its a small world friend) Jenny, Tyson, Suzanne, Jeanette, Celeste, Jason, David J and cute Cassie, um and everyone else.. and those from the first generation, Debbie, Trent, Chelsea ... what good kids. I think of them when 'those' songs come on.

The second song was by Boston, Its been such a long time, (dont remember the real name). Sweet stake dance memories. It is classic in so many ways. Most impressive is I was driving with Joseph, and he totally knew the song and the band. For a minute I thought I had given him a proper education. Alas, no.... rock band... whatever

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Amazing hua?

Things I noticed in the U K
Heavy on mayo
No ranch dressing
Not much Internet availability
Saw only one drive thru burger king
Only place we saw soda on tap
No 24, 32 etc drinks unless it's beer
Served 1 cup of water with dinner
Saw just one teenager with a cell
Cell phone use not common
Not many garbage cans in public places like the airport or train station
No one is in a hurry to take your order or bring your check when you
eat out.

Picadilly circus

Las vegas has nothing on this place!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

In Aberdeen Scotland

after many hours traveling Dave and i arrived on Sunday morning. We played all day MOnday going to two castles one is donnotter and the other one starts with a c... \i forget... google the donnotter one it is a ruin but huge and quite the hike to get to and from. The constant trial is driving on the right side of the street having a stick shift car (shifter is in the middle) and the stearing wheel on the right side.. no, i am not doing any driving.
I had lamb for dinner and feel a little guilty, but try to remember that lamb is a very religious meal and very biblical!! today was all rain, and if tomorrow is nicer \i will be walkin and shoppin in the city.
i m iss all my people.. in the ruins of donnotter i thought ~and yet im offended~ and missed my buddy meg!! i hope to see her on sunday#

Friday, October 3, 2008

A little closer

24 years ago today

I had my very first baby. Miss Laura Leigh entered the scene and our lives have never been the same. She has been such a fun daughter and I thank heaven that she is still in my life. She keeps me young, despite her claims of someday making me a grandma. I'm so thankful she is in my life. She is a great big sister to the sibs that joined the party. I'm so glad that the tough times never tore us apart. She is a jewel and true blessing to me and her daddy too.
love you baby

Thursday, October 2, 2008

An Army of Women?

A few things happened to me the other day, that came together just a minute ago, when my sister, Holly, sent me this link.

It is for research on breast cancer. I had actually heard this on TV yesterday, but kinda discounted it, thinking giving my monthly platelets was good enough.

Later yesterday, while I was at the grocery store, I passed a woman that looked familiar. She had on a knit cap, like she had lost her hair. I later realized it was a girl I knew from when we lived in Orem. Both she and her husband were dear friends of ours, newlyweds at the time. At the check out counter, I saw her again. I went over to say hi and offer a little light hearted friendship to her obviously hurting life. Indeed it was my friend, and she was so happy to see me and so kind. She told me she had just gotten out of the hospital, where she had had a double mastectomy. WOW! She was so optimistic and up. She has a great attitude. She has great faith.

She is younger then me.

How easily this could have been me.

How easily it could be you, my friend

Check it out and see what you have to give for the cause. I don't know what will be asked of us, but I for one, stand with Holly in joining this army of women.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Another view

The sleeve has two layers. The big outer one is lined with gold.


This is Jacobs costume for the comedy of errors. I just finished it. I
think the trim looks great. I added it in the name of artistic
licence. And with the drama teachers okay. It really needs trim on all
the edges, but I would have to pay for that myself. Not worth the $20
dollars I figure.