Monday, March 29, 2010

The two birthdays

I have two younger siblings. Jim is 3 yrs younger than me and Krista
is 9 years younger. They are two of my beat friends in this whole
World. I love them so much. They are both so great and fun and
strong and great examples to me. And! And! They are very funny and
quick witted. We three went few some hard times when we lived
together- things that really knit us tight.
Krista and Jim have birthdays right by each other, March 28 & 29.
We had a group party lunch today. It was lots of fun as always. I am
so lucky to have so many people I love near by and in my life.

Sisters day and cookies

As you probably know, I meet with my sisters, friends, cousins, nieces
and my Mom at least once a week. We are always looking for new ideas
to learn. I have messed with the whole smooth frosted cookie thing a
few times, so tomorrow I'll show what I've learned. I'm still very
very inept, but a little experienced so hopefully it will be helpful
to share. I quickly worked on these today, to practice for
tomorrow. Some of the cookies look a little 3 yr oldish, but my good
husband was very impressed with them all.
I'll try to post pictures of what our group comes up with tomorrow!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A mighty army of elect daughters of God

Tonight I am alone david is out with the scouts for the evening.

I flipped the channels on the tv and came upon the rebroadcast of
the young womans conference. I knew some of the girls in our ward
would be in the choir, but I was very surprised at my response. I saw
some girls up there singing that I had seen grow up from the time they
were tiny. Some girls I knew from the Jr high. My heart was so
touched, tears quickly slid down my cheeks. They haven't stopped
yet. They are so good. The world needs to take a good look and take
a lesson of true power, true courage, and true strength, and true
beauty. They are truely a royal army. I know there are many many
young women of the church that are exactly the same, and also part of
Gods mighty army. My own courage is strengthened at the thought of
this wonderful truth.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Six thumbs up or thumbs up all around

You may know already, but for the last several years we have
"Tex- Mex Tuesday" almost every week., for our dinner. We usually
have, in decending order- enchalada burritos, soft shell tacos or
crockpot salsa chicken.

I recently decided to have
" breakfast-for-dinner" on Mondays. Here's a recipe I saw and tasted
at a Maceys cooking class.
Stuffed french toast.
2 loaves of cheap squishy bread
8 oz cream cheese
1/4 c white sugar
A little vanilla
Your favorite mixture for french toast, like eggs milk and vanilla.

Combine cream cheese sugar and vanilla. Mix well.

Put a few tablespoons on the center of a few slices of bread. Top each
with another slice of bread. Use a cookie cutter or a little sandwich
maker to cut the crusts off the bread. You could use a fork to crimp
the edges if you want. You want to seal the edges of each little
packet. Dip each packetpocket in the french toast egg mixture, and
cook up in a skillet just as you do regulate french toast. I kept the
first few warm in the oven. I served them with warm maple syrup much
to the delight of the men in the family. Everyone votes I make these

My warm heart from Megan

I recently got this text from my sister. While I struggle with a certain worry, this comment from Meggie did me a world of good. Their family was recently blessed with a second batch of baby kittens. I keep it here so I can read it over and over. You just have to read it once ; )

Sorry I missed your text earlier. I want to come next time! Tonight we were talking about why we can't keep all the kittens. Ang said we can't keep them all or we will end up with tons of cats like Connie. Meg said so ernestly I want to turn out like Connie! It was so sweet.


See what happens when you are casual about math

I'm trying to finish up this quilt top. I'm adding boarders to enlarge
the postage stamp size pieced part. I was about 8 inches short on my
calculations for the red fabric-- grr. Went to the nearby quilt store
and they had never seen that print. So I wentniver the the place in A
F where I had purchased it last week. The bolt was g o n e.. Couldn't
find it. Thankfully there was one. One! Fat quarter that I snagged. I
think it will work out just fine. One more boarder to add, then the
top will be done I didnt realize how much the two boarders are alike.
I guess I like that sort off look. Ahh well it's ok i guess.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What I'm working on

Here is my current project. I am making it from one of the jelly rolls
I got a christmas. It is turning out smaller than I thought it would,
but I figure by adding boarders, I can bump up the size. Because it
uses so many fabrics, I also thought I wouldn't end up with the
fabrics lining up next to each other. Ah well.. I've decided I'm gonna
like it anyway ;)

Monday, March 15, 2010

A little trick so I don't have to play the game

I have lost my car at Walmart far too many times. I hate not
remembering where I parked. I hate wandering around like a fool.
Especially walking back towards the store with my cart full of
groceries. I once downloaded an application that was supposed to help
a person remember where they parked but it did not work so well. So I
came up with an amazing trick. Thankfully my Walmart has each row
numbered. Why I can't just remember that number I don't know. After I
park I look to see what row I'm on. Then as I walk to the store I
count each parking space I pass on that row as I pass them. I then
figure some relation of the two numbers to help me remember them.
Today I was on row 4, car space 12. I remembered 4/12 by thinking
4x3=12. Really odd that this works but when I use this trick I find my
car really fast.

I wonder if this post makes me sound more like the old granny I am,
but this works for me

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wish I could believe this

I talked myself into going to the gym today. I snapped this picture
cause it was so unbelievable. 596 calories burned in 36 minutes on
the treadmill. Hummmm.... And I have no idea what mets (the middle
4.1) means. I think I lasted for 2 miles. I'll use a different machine
next time

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

An idea from Jess

I was about 11 or 12 yrs old when I became an Aunt for the first
time. I loved loved loved having nieces and nephews! I did my share
of babysitting and was certainly trained up in mothering abilities by
them, and by watching their mamas. One perk of having nieces and
nephews in my life is watching them grow up and start their own
families. That is how we were blessed with niece Jessica. She is a
love. She always treats her kids as the greatest treasure in her
life. I so admire that about her. She also adores that cute grown up
kid that has warmed my heart his while life, my nephew Greg. She is
also a *runner*-- enough said about that-- actually that's something I
wish I would do.

ANYWAY we were out to lunch recently to celebrate Jessicas birthday.
I just happened to be in the line by her and we were discussing the
menu. She told me a little tidbit I thought I'd share. Cafe Rio has a
tostada that can be made better by changing it up a bit! It is
smaller and a little less expensive than the regular salad, but
otherwise very similar. Ask for a flour tortilla instead of the
corn tortilla they usually use. I had the shredded beef cause the pork
is too sweet to me-- ahh sorry again--- Krista told us they also have
a salsa besides the -pico de guy oh- so I got the salsa instead of the
pico. The salsa is a little more spicy anyway. Get a side of salad
dressing if it doesn't come with one. Jess and I also share the
annoyance and dislike of cilantro, so we pass on that. So instead of
the ever favorite huge shredded beef burrito or even the beef taco, or
the safe chicken soup, try the tostada aka the smaller salad of cafe
rio. Then you can thank cute Jess for the info too. Jess? Did I leave
anythng out?

Monday, March 8, 2010

A compliment I want to remember

In relief society yesterday, the teacher asked us to break up into
small groups of 3 or 4. The four ladies closest to me became a
"group". It was Kathleen, Jenny, Erica, and myself. Good thing Jenny
listened to the assignment for our group cause Erica and I were
whisper/talking. After the groups were all made, all four of us
instantly started gabbing. A comment was made about why men do things
a certain way, when Jenny S said to the others, "uh ho! don't say
anything negative about your husband around Connie!". I laughed and
then quickly used my stern teacher voice and pointy finger and said
"now each of you go home and tell your husband 10 reasons you love
him.". Erica said "why would i do that?" then she understood i had a
reputation for being a non- man basher and we all laughed at the whole
thing. I took it as a great compliment. One I don't want to forget.
We for sure were the funnest "group" in relief society.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

My sick boy

The situation- Joseph went snow boarding on Friday night. He was content to stay home 
and do homework most of Saturday. He did go out with some buddies 
Saturday night. When he got home at midnight he complained of bad body 
aches and having the chills. He felt feverish.  Sunday morning he 
reported not sleeping well due to his body aches. He only got minimal 
relief from Tylenol. Joseph stayed home from church. After church 
joseph came and laid down with David and I for the afternoon nap. He 
kept flinching in pain and moaning. His pain was under his ribs up 
high on the right side, about the size of his hand is the size of the 
area of pain. He still felt warm. Dave and I decide to take him into 
the ER.

The dr examined the teenager and orders a few tests including a chest 
xray and a throat culture. (Did he have a sore throat? Oh ya just a 
little one when he swollows)

The diagnosis-Strep throat and extra intense body aches especially 
where he fell when snow boarding.

The treatment- amoxicillin, tylenol, and ibuprofen, plenty of 
liquids, no school tomorrow. Lacrosse only as tolerated, after Monday.

Weird unexpected diagnosis but so thankful it was simple. After we got 
home I diagnosed and medicated myself with excedrin. Strange how the 
mama-ness can give me a headache. Hope my boy sleeps soundly 
tonight. It's been a rough day.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

God made a symbol of rainbows long before anyone else

Yesterday I went to the activity day meeting. We had all the girls 8-11 there and it was a little trying. But we got through ok. I guess I feel kind of drained in a couple areas of my life to feel 100% all the time... (if you've spent any amount of time with me I'm sure I've whined about it to you). Anyway, my partner Sister Taylor and I are helping the girls prepare for an activity day recognition night. The parents will be invited to attend and it's kinda a big deal. Our theme is March leprechauns, magic, and gold at the end of a rainbow. We got most things rolling but wondered about refreshments. We thought cupcakes are kinda in their glory so we could go with that. I called the local grocery store and frosted cupcakes are $4.00 for 9. I know... Not for a dozen.... Weird. Ok we have about 25 girls, two parents each- 3x25= 75 cupcakes. Quick math tells me I could get 90 cupcakes for $40.00. I figured I could make up a couple or 5 batches of cupcakes for the recognition night, at a fraction of the cost. They would also fit the theme better if I made them awesome. So I tried my idea. Make up one white cakemix, divide equally. I figured about 3/4 c of mix per color. I colored each part and put each color into a Ziplock bag. I cut off the tiny corner of the blue bag and squiggled some blue batter into the cupcake liners. Then I layered on some green cake batter, then some yellow, orange and ended with the red batter. I baked these babies and here is the result. I topped each one with some whipped cream with almond flavoring. The boys couldnt keep their little mits off these. It was pretty cool

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Another new recipe

I saw this recipe on a website called the sisters cafe. It looked
kinda fun and really different, so I put it on the list for dinner
this week.
The ingredients are
3 cooked chicken breast halves
1 can of corn, drained
1 can of black beans, drained and rinsed
1 container mango peach salsa from costco
Jasmine rice prepared with 1/2 coconut milk, 1/2 water

Shread or cut up the cooked chicken. Add the corn beans and salsa and
warm on low in the crockpots for a couple hours, or on high for not as
long. Or even heat up in the microwave if you want to eat right away.
Actually add as much salsa as you think looks good. I ended up using
the whole thing. Serve over the coconut jasmine rice. Wish I had Jim
and Kyle over to finish the pot ful, none the less now we have left
overs. Dave and Jacob liked it more than Joseph, though he got off on
the rice.
I was right. Kinda fun

Davids dinner

A happy feeling in my dinner

Some pictures

Monday, March 1, 2010

little love Katie

I have a little niece named Katie. She is a little love and warms my heart. If you ever visit my “POTD” blog, you see Katie now and then. Some of her recent gems really have me smiling. You have to know that she and I have the same little conversation each time we are together. It is always about my jewelry. First she checks to see if I am wearing my necklace. She used to ask me where I got it and I would tell her David gave it to me. Now I ask her where I got it and she says Dave gave it to me. She has since referred to my husband as Connie’s handsome Dave. She then likes to check out my earrings. I usually have to take them out for her to inspect. Sometimes she asks me where I got them.
With the recent Joseph play event in our life, I brought a tape of Jacobs’s dress rehearsal to my parents’ house so they could see what he was involved in. Four of Krista’s kids saw the movie that day, and then Krista rented the Donny Osmond version of the movie. When Katie (Krista, correct me if I get this wrong.) was watching the movie she saw Donny and said- “That a girl?” After a few seconds she said “That a boy. I like him” Whenever he was not in the scene she would say something like, “Where he go?”. The multi decade power of Donny Osmond…. All I have to say is wow.
I stopped by Krista’s house on Saturday to return a book,

Austen land which I very much enjoyed. Krista then passed on another book also by Shannon Hale called A Thousand Days- I read it all in one night.

Anyway while I was there Miss Katie showed me her parachute and sang me a song. “I look handsome I look smart….”
She is so good for the soul of this auntie/empting nest mama

Theater Ballet performance

Friday afternoon I was chugging along doin my thing, planning the big rocks in my weekend. Everything was going fine. I even had a date lined up for that night. Then David called me to tell me our Saturday night plans were really our Friday night plans and we'd have to call on our awesomeness to get it all switched.

let me back up a tiny bit. In December, we ordered tickets for the BYU Winter Fest. (it was called something like that) Each night a performing group from BYU would have a show at the Conference Center in SLC. Back in December we thought we would have Aub, Joseph and Jacob come with us. We had 5 tickets. We thought the show was on a Saturday, but nope, the show was that very Friday.

So with Saturday plans becoming Friday plans, I knew I'd have to check with A J & J and talk them into going on short notice. I also always like to get my hair done before a show like that so I don't look like the frumpy, (yet non-criminal) mother.

Aubrey had plans, Joseph had lacrosse and Jacob was not be the last man standing. It ended up that Dave and I attended the production alone. I did get my hair done, but had to pay more than I thought, whatever..

When we went in, we sat on the third row. A very cute family with 4 girls sat in front of us. I'd say they were between 10 and 3 years old. When I told them my daughter was one of the 'stepsisters' in the Cinderella dance, their eyes got really big and and happy. We became friends. The three year old did whisper to her mom, "they, (meaning the dancers) show their shoulders!" I KNOW! tell that to the BYU dance department. Maybe the outfits are kinda like swimming suits,... kinda....I was impressed with that cute mama. The girls also told we she had 'alot of young women' so I know she was an awesome mom to those four littles. They also devulged that baby Isaac was out walking around with their daddy named Jake.
After the show Dave found Kim and introduced her to our new friends. It was really cute.

The show was very fun and cute. I did think it was a little bit of "jenny and megan" show as the same two girls seemed to have all the spotlight parts. And the last piece was a million years long. it was called "lay sew feeds" well, that is how I say it. Its really a french word.

after the show both Dave and I were starving. We tried to find a place to grab a bite of non-fast-food. Using Dave's nifty gps was fun but didn't find us a satisfactory place to stop. when we were almost home, we stopped in Draper and found that Ruby Tuesdays was open till 12! yay! we were sooo hungry. Even though my taster is out of service, I was so thankful to get something warm into my tummy.

So here's a few pictures of the night. please notice the overly priced hair do- ahh it was tons more cool than can be photographed ;0