Saturday, March 27, 2010

A mighty army of elect daughters of God

Tonight I am alone david is out with the scouts for the evening.

I flipped the channels on the tv and came upon the rebroadcast of
the young womans conference. I knew some of the girls in our ward
would be in the choir, but I was very surprised at my response. I saw
some girls up there singing that I had seen grow up from the time they
were tiny. Some girls I knew from the Jr high. My heart was so
touched, tears quickly slid down my cheeks. They haven't stopped
yet. They are so good. The world needs to take a good look and take
a lesson of true power, true courage, and true strength, and true
beauty. They are truely a royal army. I know there are many many
young women of the church that are exactly the same, and also part of
Gods mighty army. My own courage is strengthened at the thought of
this wonderful truth.

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Tabby Grey said...

Awwh, my Sweet Caroline. How fun you took pictures of the t.v.! It was an amazing experience for all of us!