Monday, March 15, 2010

A little trick so I don't have to play the game

I have lost my car at Walmart far too many times. I hate not
remembering where I parked. I hate wandering around like a fool.
Especially walking back towards the store with my cart full of
groceries. I once downloaded an application that was supposed to help
a person remember where they parked but it did not work so well. So I
came up with an amazing trick. Thankfully my Walmart has each row
numbered. Why I can't just remember that number I don't know. After I
park I look to see what row I'm on. Then as I walk to the store I
count each parking space I pass on that row as I pass them. I then
figure some relation of the two numbers to help me remember them.
Today I was on row 4, car space 12. I remembered 4/12 by thinking
4x3=12. Really odd that this works but when I use this trick I find my
car really fast.

I wonder if this post makes me sound more like the old granny I am,
but this works for me

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