Wednesday, March 10, 2010

An idea from Jess

I was about 11 or 12 yrs old when I became an Aunt for the first
time. I loved loved loved having nieces and nephews! I did my share
of babysitting and was certainly trained up in mothering abilities by
them, and by watching their mamas. One perk of having nieces and
nephews in my life is watching them grow up and start their own
families. That is how we were blessed with niece Jessica. She is a
love. She always treats her kids as the greatest treasure in her
life. I so admire that about her. She also adores that cute grown up
kid that has warmed my heart his while life, my nephew Greg. She is
also a *runner*-- enough said about that-- actually that's something I
wish I would do.

ANYWAY we were out to lunch recently to celebrate Jessicas birthday.
I just happened to be in the line by her and we were discussing the
menu. She told me a little tidbit I thought I'd share. Cafe Rio has a
tostada that can be made better by changing it up a bit! It is
smaller and a little less expensive than the regular salad, but
otherwise very similar. Ask for a flour tortilla instead of the
corn tortilla they usually use. I had the shredded beef cause the pork
is too sweet to me-- ahh sorry again--- Krista told us they also have
a salsa besides the -pico de guy oh- so I got the salsa instead of the
pico. The salsa is a little more spicy anyway. Get a side of salad
dressing if it doesn't come with one. Jess and I also share the
annoyance and dislike of cilantro, so we pass on that. So instead of
the ever favorite huge shredded beef burrito or even the beef taco, or
the safe chicken soup, try the tostada aka the smaller salad of cafe
rio. Then you can thank cute Jess for the info too. Jess? Did I leave
anythng out?

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JessWilson said...

Man, you sure know how to brighten a girls day!! Especially on a day I needed a little brightening, so thanks! I'm pretty sure that I am the lucky one in the niece deal, as I'm learning from the best how to be a good Auntie (not to mention Grandmother, mother, friend, etc.)!

And nope, nothing to add. You gave the low down on the Cafe Rio Tostada perfectly!