Saturday, December 27, 2008

It's my girls b day!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

For about 15-20 years I've been trying to make some awesome pulled butter mints. Dh's grandma made them to perfection when I knew her. Now she is gone, and I do not know anyone else that makes them. However, you can buy them at Deseret Book or The Lion House.

My first attempt so many years ago was a dismal failure. I ended up with a bunch of powdered candy on my cookie sheet. Never one to give up, (generally speaking, that is a big fat lie) I have endured and continue to make these mints. It has sadly and luckily gotten to the point where the nephews actually like to eat the many failures more then the rare successes. The smartest thing I did in this mint goal is to get my mom involved, and the sista s. Here is our latest attempt. Later today I will make a bunch of "ruined" mints, so the faithful encourager's of this goal are happy, even if the candy does pull out their teeth, that part makes them so happy.

the reunion

With Kim being home she gets to reunite with a few of her favorite people. It took a minute for the younger ones to warm up to her, but by the end of the night, Kim was back to being a princess to those little girls. cute cute

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How cub and I begin our Christmas shopping

Hot cocoa!!

the jolly holly ride

There is an odd tradition that my family has. This has been the first year I have actually joined in the silliness.
One of my least enjoyable things to do each year is to trade out the hard top on the jeep to the soft top, and soft top for the hard top. It takes muscle and co-ordination. We hoist the hard top onto a wood frame and raise it to the top of our garage ceiling. The timing of this twice a year event always depends on the weather.
Last Saturday it was time to get the hard top back on the jeep. Thankfully the boys and cub and dh did all the lifting and such.
Right before the actual placing of the hard top, when all the soft top hardware is off, the people go for a ride around the neighborhood one last time, even in bad weather. Neighborhood kids have enjoyed the yearly event, as well as my own children, but this year I hopped in. For some reason, the boys brought poor little sweetie kitty. She did not like it at all. Here are some pictures, the jolly holly ride is done for 2008.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Grandma hood and my 100th post

I just logged in and saw I was at 99 posts on my blog. Awesome. How appropriate it is that it is for a great announcement.
I am about to enter a new phase of life. The night before Thanksgiving our big family went out to eat. We were all sitting down, I was between Laura and Dave. I remembered I had to tell my Dad something so, I got up and went to talk to him. When I got back, I saw a gift at my place setting. This wasn't too much of a surprise because November IS my birthday month. I sat down and realized it was from Laura and Steve. I, of course, hoped it was a tiny soft baby outfit to announce a new baby in my future. I quickly looked in the bag, and seeing that it was not a baby color or texture, I for some reason, guessed that it was an "Edward" t-shirt, and one for Dave too. Obviously I didn't think too hard on my thoughts, cause why would they get an Edward shirt for Dave? I knew that Laura and Steve had seen the movie, so that is just what I guessed, if it wasn't a baby item.
I pulled out two shirts and the first one I unfolded said.
"Don't I look too young to be a grandma?" yay!! I knew what the message was and squealed loud enough to earn a free delicious chocolate cake. Many hugs and a few tears were shared by the multi generational group there. It was so awesome. I think Laura and Steve have a video of the squeal. Should have used a different word then squeal.. The second shirt was "Grandpa '09" for Dave, but sadly I was shocked and stoked and I didn't get his reaction. I hate it when that happens. I quickly put my new shirt over the one I was wearing. The picture by myself looks a little freaky, I really didn't mean for it to look so odd.
Anyway, I look so forward to seeing my daughter become a Momma, and her dear husband a Daddy.

Sadly, I never knew either of my grandmas. I remember wishing I had at least one when my little friends would refer to theirs. Thankfully I got married to a man with two grandmas! what a bonus. Grandma Ruth and Grandma Faye. I've also been able to watch my own mother and mother in law be grandmas. And watch my sisters be grandmas as well, so maybe I am more qualified then I first thought.

It will be a great adventure I'm sure. I am so excited.

Friday, December 5, 2008

The pirates booty

Isnt that what they call the stash of goods a pirate collects? Aub came home for the night to party with us. She asked for some money for some shoes. Well, each of my dollars already had a place to go. I told her I did have a stash of change she could have. I thought it was about 20-30 dollars. She counted it. It was in one quart sized baggie. It ended up to be $99.83!!! What a pirates booty!! Time for shoes for the cub!! Next time I will count my own booty before I give so freely :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

An opportunity and an honor

The last few days I've been a stand in mom for my sister in law. Her son entered the MTC today, but came in from out of state yesterday. We had him in our home for about 24 hours. Dh and ds joined us at the MTC. It was a great spiritual experience. Elder CP is going to be an excellent missionary. I'm so proud of him.