Wednesday, July 18, 2012

This summer is going along so wonderfully!

I know you are dying to know what's been going on with this group. We've been pretty busy and mostly really happy with all we've been up to since our vacation. Here's a few or a lot of pictures so you can be caught up quickly. Btw, the facial hair is not mother approved, but I pick my battles.

Girls camp

We got home from vacation on a Monday, and the next day was girls camp. Things were such that I was only up for the afternoons and part of the evenings. We have such!!! Great!!! Young women!!! Another sweet slice of summer.

Kimmie left for Vermont

Kim auditioned and made it into a ballet school for the summer. It's in Vermont. It's only for 6 weeks, but it seems like a long time.

Ya-- another snake

I can't believe my best little kitty friend is so vicious

A picture to keep forever

One evening while Steve was in China and Laura was putting the baby down, Jack came out while Dave and I were working on the yard. This little guy does like to skinny off his clothes and on a hot June night this grandma saw nothing wrong with that idea. He found a pair of garden gloves and put them on his feet. I wanted to snap a picture so I told him to smile- so he did. This picture makes me so happy!

Mystery pictures on my phone

Who took these? That's not my left leg.
Clue #1

Mystery photographer

Clue #2

Photographer mystery

Clue #3

V T ing via libby

I fulfilled my June visit teaching by picking up one of my lady's dog from the groomer. How cool is that?

A proposal

Our niece Stephanie has been staying with us while she has a job, and a b-o-y-f-r-i-e-n-d in Utah county. Sooo! We got to be a tiny bit in the know for the official proposal. It was sooo cool!! Spencer will be a great addition to the big family

Popsicles with the grands

Jacks 3rd birthday

Laura made this great birthday cake for a jack birthday celebration. She is so creative abs talented. Steve set up a life size angry bird game too. Those pictures are on the fancy camera...

A fire near us

Fires have been crazy this summer. Earlier in June there was a fire across the valley from us, but right before the 4th we had one by us. It was really fast and people up in Alpine had to evacuate. Everything turned out ok- (after many prayers) (infact at stadium of fire, the prayer offered there was humble and submissive and very much pleading for help-- the next few days it rained and helped the fire situation. AWESOME!!!)

The news

The USS Iowa

The ship my dad was on during WW2 has recently been docked near my sisters home in California- near Long Beach. Not much had been interesting to my dad but when he heard about the ship he was really impressed. The family all tried to get down to orange county for a special day on the ship for the veterans. It was to be on July 4. All my sibs, except Krista and I made it down. We had thought there was no way for Dad with his limited mobility to get on the ship but it turned out that he did! He was also interviewed for the news. Mom said she was sure being there brought things back to my Dads mind that were pretty powerful. I was so glad he got to go.

Stadium of Fire

Jacob worked behind the scenes at stadium of fire at BYU. He gave us two tickets so we celebrated part of our fourth there. It was great.

They had to leave

Laura and the kids had to leave :(. Steve, bless his heart, took off earlier that day in the car. We know they had to get back to real life but it was awesome having them here.

Memories of jack linger

Kim dances in Vermont

Each Saturday night Kims show is streamed over the Internet. Aaron has come over twice which is so nice of him, and we watch Kimmie together.

The engaged couple

Rio with the boys

A few years ago I made a deal with the boys. If they happen to mess up during part of the sacrament at church they needed to know it was not the end of the world, so I told them we'd go to cafe rio if it ever happened just to soften the experience. We never go on Sunday FYI. Anyway we got to get a rio therapy in July. Rios strawberry lemonade is the bomb

Jacob wanted to try blond

Garden goodies

We have too much shade over the garden yet we are getting some stuff to grow. The raspberries didn't make it in to the house, but their presents are all over my hand ;)