Monday, September 17, 2012

A new favorite

I switched on the tv just in time to see the end of Apollo 13.
I heard a line I'd heard and liked before, but this time- amid some personal worries it really brought the tears-
"with all due respect sir, I believe this to be our finest hour"

May it be so!
Our Father in heaven has sustained me and my loved ones my whole life. I am so thankful for that

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hello, my name is Connie

The other day I saw a post by an awesome blogger named Jillee

She wrote of several things that "I probably have too many of.."  The list included 
glasses and mugs
plastic containers
kitchen tools
grooming and cleaning products
reusable shopping bags- ya know, the ones with a handle
travel sized soaps, lotions, shampoo...

though I am guilty only on 4 or 5 of these things, books are certainly an addiction of mine.  (DI/Books is like a liquor store/alcohol.)
Maybe it started when i was 5 and "rewarded" in going to school happily with a new book.  I like them a lot!  And to add to the madness, I have the kindle application and have gone too crazy on there too.  There are too many free or less expensive kindle books!
These books were just the ones under my bed that I just pulled out to organize.  I'm not sure why I do this-- there are worse things.....

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pinterest idea. Does it work

I've seen the mixer way to shred chicken on pinterest so today I decided to try it. We're having Pixtons, all kinds, over for dinner tomorrow. I slow cooked chicken until it hit 165 degrees, then cooled it a bit. I broke it up a bit and put 3 pieces in at a time. I used the whipping blade, not the bread Kneaders one. It worked like a charm. The shredded chicken is now snuggled in BBQ sauce in the fridge. I'm glad I know this trick. Wonder if it would work with pork. We love to serve the cafe rio pork burritos when we have folks over ad well. I'll let ya know when I find out.

It does!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

This is the "Prince Harry" thing I was referring to

This is in the Utah valley magazine for this month. Awesome hua?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bad timing

Awhile ago I set something up that compared Jacob to prince Harry. Several strangers have commented on Jacob looking like him. Now it comes out that Harry has been misbehaving. My little something will be posted here in the next few weeks, and I'm bummed that the England Harry hasn't been a good boy. Hope this something doesn't turn into something negative for my kid. We'll see...

The rain

After a week of being virtually beat up for some of the political things I've posted on fb, Dave took me out for a very nice evening. We went to see the Piano Guys at Thanksgiving point. The concert was outdoors, and the sky was cloudy and dark- and it rained on us, and it was awesome. David had set us up with a tarp and some blankets and a poncho so we stayed pretty dry. The piano guys are so talented and though we couldn't see their hands they sounded great. It was a greak little get away.

Under the tarp