Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas to all

We have had such a great break. Dave scheduled our December so well, we went to the community symphony,with the three youngers, a showing of The Nutcracker with our ballet dancer, a early show of A Christmas Carol at the Hale Center Theater and even a christmas cruise on the provo river with the whole group including laur and steve. The fun will continue as dave will take time off work just to play and do daddy jobs here at home. I got a new camera thanks to laura and steve!! :) and photoshop from dave, along with some diamonds :) we will probably visit my buddy James, a jewelry artist, and he will help us set the 2 pink diamonds and 1 clear diamond into a beautiful necklace. Its truely a great time of year.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

a recent incident

incident, incident.. that is what a nurse calls it when there has been a mistake made. You have to fill out an incident report. Well, here is my incident report.

A while ago, I was in a city a few cities away from mine. an undisclosed city. I had an hour to kill. I decided I would go to a near by store, an undisclosed store, and get a few things for my dh s birthday breakfast. As I walked into the store, I started texting on my phone. I had no longer set foot in the store when the thought came, -you have an hour to kill. The bathrooms are right here in the front.- So I wandered in that direction, still texting. I saw right by the bathroom entrance that there was a wet floor sign, meaning it had just been cleaned.. okay.. then the first stall I saw was one with a little kid seat hooked to the wall, so no mama would have to set her child on the floor while the mom used the bathroom. I headed right in there since I knew it was empty. I quickly took care of my business and as I was tucking all my clothes in, I heard a mans voice. I thought, well that must be from out in the store. But then, another man made a comment to the first voice about how busy the bathroom was that night. I peeked out of the crack in the bathroom door and realized, to my horror that I was actually in the men's bathroom. oh man... what to do what to do.. I figured that I would just wait them out.. I looked a little under the bathroom wall and saw that the fella next to me was sitting down, so he might be awhile.. hum mm... the men are waiting... I have breakfast things to get... my hour to kill is dwindling... whatever! So, I make my decision. I unlocked the door and marched promptly out of the bathroom.. I walked right past those 40-45 year old men. I started to giggle when they did a double take. They started laughing when I was passed them. I was so embarrassed, even though I was laughing. A woman was right outside the men's bathroom door and saw me come out. She stopped me with her big eyes and said "were you in there?" I said "yes and I am so embarrassed". I couldn't stop laughing... I went and hid in frozen foods hoping I would not see those men again. I got my breakfast stuff and chuckled as I checked out. When I got to the car, I text ed many people sharing my incident. It really was funny and embarrassing. what a dork. ah well. I did rush over to a near by Starbucks and get a hot caramel apple cider as immediate therapy. So do I quit texting? quit going to the store? or quit going in public bathrooms? as Rachel Lind would say, its the demon texting s fault! (BTW, there where no signs that is was the mens room, except for the sign out by the door. I had been distracted by the wet floor sign) and yes, there really is a starbucks in that city

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

just recently

take a look at my pictures to see what has been going on with our family