Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26

Memorial Day

Sunday May 25

The guys made dinner. Real Mexican enchiladas

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

At the cemetery

Spoke with some people that were at a new burial site, one that was near my daddy.

Monday, May 19, 2014

POTD monday

Our first strawberry

Thursday, May 15, 2014

POTD Wednesday May 14

We got Dave Ramsey tickets at Christmas. Tonight was his financial legacy show. He's awesome. One of our favorites

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

POTD Tuesday.

Looking at grave markers. Katie made it a party

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Friday, May 9, 2014

Since October 3

I guess I jumped into blogging again without much of an update. So here's a quick one.

Jacob was called to the Twin Falls Idaho mission. That is the town my mom was born and raised in!

Our last big family gathering was at thanksgiving. After that Mom thought it best to keep large groups to a minimum for my dad's health to stay as good as possible. We also stopped having sisters day each week.

Jacob left for his mission on Dec 4. It was as bitter sweet as Aubrey's departure.

Clark's were here for Christmas. Happy Gramma. December was full of packages to the MTC, Christmas traditions and lots of happiness.

In January I spent a few days in Colorado Springs while Steve was out of town. It was awesome. I could only 3 days cause all the sibs were turns helping my Mom take care of our Dad. I cried when I left home and I cried when I left Colorado.

My poor Father sure had a hard time with pretty much everything. He had a hard time communicating and moving around. Thankfully there were professionals to help him and my Mom but we were all rather involved as well. It was heartbreaking to see my Dad leave a little at a time. Joseph went over every week night to help my dad get ready for bed. Such a personal service. Joseph grew very close to my mom and dad and was always thankful to be able to help them.

We found out the end of February that Jacob was coming home from his mission. Regardless of the situation it was wonderful to see him again. He came home March 1.

April 11 my dad was diagnosed with pneumonia. The next day we thought we had caught it, as he was responding to treatment given him. Sadly Dad passed away a few days later, early Monday April 14. It was a very sacred and amazing week after that. It had been a very long difficult goodbye.

I am thankful to know he is happy. I am thankful to know that I truly know there is an afterlife and plan of salvation- a plan of happiness. All my parents kids and their spouses, all the grandkids (except for two missionaries) and the married in grands, except for one granddaughter in law, and all the greats- except for 2 great grand boys were able to come to Utah for the service. It was so wonderful.

The night before the funeral we had a great
party for my 5 year old great nephew Carter. He had had his last chemo treatment and there was much to celebrate for his young life and for all of our lives.
The funeral was on April 19. The day before Easter. It was a service full of love and honor for my Dad and gratitude and humility for the gospel and the plan of happiness, and for the Savior of me and you and of the whole world Jesus Christ.

A week and a half later I sprained my ankle. I've been going to physical therapy since then and I am a true believer.

Kim has moved into my moms house. It is a great thing for them both.

Crazy hua?
I remember I posted something on Facebook around the end of last year. It was something like
*Thanks for the challenges 2013! 2014 - bring it on!*

I've changed my mind. 2014- I've had enough. Let's slide on through to 2015 ;)
So there's your "quick" update

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Latter a Day Celebration

Tonight was the final performance for LDC. Aubrey auditioned and was made part of this institute choir last fall. I've loved attending the performances. They sound so wonderful and the Love of Heavenly Father is so easy to feel during songs and music. David and I went to temple square for the Christmas concert the same day we dropped Jacob off at the mtc. There was an Easter fireside where they performed that we went to as well. That was the Sunday after my Dad's funeral. Both times my heart was so full and open to feel the love of God. "Give Me Jesus" and " I Will Rise " and "When Love Came Down" were especially powerful at Easter the day after That funeral. Tonight it was an honor to be with them again. I hope Aubrey will be in that same choir in the fall.


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