Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The power of the jellybelly

Awhile ago I bought a huge container of jelly bellys at costco. At the time I didn't realize how important they would be. In March we found out we owe a ton of taxes on money we ended up losing in the stock market. It was a bummer. Dh and I were not happy. Thankfully, we had the jelly bellys. Since I am a little sensitive to too much sugar, it was mostly a good distraction for the dh. David can now pick out the flavors from the pack. My favorites are the hot cinnamon- and of course, the pear flavor too.

My poor Kimmie

Kim took the long board out. It was the same long board that was
involved in the broken arm incident. Kim took a spill going down a
major road with a dip. Thankfully my other son Dagen was with her.
She hasn't cried or anything but each knee and each elbow is abraised.
Is that a word!? I do wonder if the long board is really worth all
this fun.

Road rash

Monday, April 27, 2009

Where is everyone?

I couldn't figure out where the boys were. It was time for home
evening. This is where they were. Silly boys

When FHE plans fail

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

FHE during good weather

a favorite FHE is going to play frisby golf. We usually go to the high school football field, but last night we were racing the sun so we stayed a little closer to home. We went to our neighborhood park. Heres a few shots of our adventure. Im wont say who won or lost, but I will say I paid for the milkshakes after.

my girl

My Kimmie has been gone since March 10, back to Hawaii. She comes home today. We are all happy to have her back Hopefully the weather will agree more with her then it did when she came home in December. Kim spent the past weekend in Arizona where one of her good friends was married. My niece Chelsea posted such a sweet letter to Kim on her blog. Give it a read. You'll be proud to know that girl.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

excitement with the visiting kitty

I always thought that if a cat went up a tree it could get down. Sweetie kitty is a rare case as she came with no front claws, so she had to fall out of the tree the one time I saw her "get down" from climbing a tree. So our visiting kitty went out to play and promptly started climbing our front tree. It was all fun and games until she started meowing really loud and distraughtly. She was as high as the roof, and I think that is were she really wanted to get to.
The awesome kids I have couldnt help but want to help the sweet little visitor, this is the excitement I got on camera. I couldnt get the actual rescue since I was stabelizing the ladder.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our 72 hour kit experiment

The results of our 72 hour kit eating experiment are in. One day of eating the limited food was just okay, even with cheating. My breakfast of a nutragrain bar and hot chocolate held me for about 1 1/2 hours. I had made a trip to costco with my sister and her littles and when they bought some pizza, I brought 2 slices home to the boys, and they each gave me a bite. Later, the ramen noodles were a little lacking since they had expired. The hard candy snack was not satisfying at all. Surprisingly the trail mix was great tasting after 18 months. The jerky was okay. The Vienna sausages were just too far out of what we usually eat to really enjoy. In talking with the family everyone else said it was all okay, but more food would have been better. I also realize that one day of this with the option of cheating is one thing. But having to go with this program for 3 days would really make me grouchy I think. SO the plan now is to keep the remaining 4 mylar bags in our 72 hour kit, for another 6 months, and add more things to the kit. We will definitely rotate out our food on a regular schedule. Some peanut butter and graham crackers, maybe some shelf stable milk, and dry fruit (like the mango's at costco?) need to be added. So now I'm on a hunt.

april 15th?

I thought we were done with this weather. I really dont mind the snow and rain. We were given a few teaser days of beautiful spring weather though, and so it makes snow like this extra surprising.

The thing about weather like today, is that all I want to do is read, bake or sleep. I did go out to mail our taxes, and it was kinda gross travel. Its supposed to be more of the same weather tomorrow, but then up to 70* by Monday. yikes... that is too hot all at once I think. Kim comes home on Monday so that warmness will be a good thing for her.

Ive been listening to a book on tape of "The Hiding Place" and it is more of a show or play on tape rather then someone just reading. I am enjoying it so much and so amazed at the strength of the TenBoom family I am reminded through that book to give thanks in all things, not just in joyful things. So I am thankful it is not June. Getting snow in June would be very weird. I am thankful we are getting water for our hot dry summers. Im thankful I dont have to be out driving or anything in this cold. Im thankful I can read cook and sleep today in my comfy warm home.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

He has been answered

Joseph has asked a young lady to the prom. He gave her a candy filled curious george piñata as part of the asking. He has been waiting for an answer for about a week. We all worried about the answer. So tonight, right between scriptures and prayers, the door bell rang. It was 10:20 pm so we were all surprised. This is what he found on the porch. The boys had to search each item for some official answer, and found a small typed message saying- yes! I'm going bananas waiting for prom. Now we can all sleep well tonight. It was extra lucky that all these goodies came to Joseph on the same day at our 72-hour-kit-food-day. Let's just say the allotted food, for one day, was ok but not really enough. I'll write about that next time.

Monday, April 13, 2009

So? why is this so funny?

I have a chance to buy 72 hour kit food in mylar bags. I got 6 of these in early 2008 and figures it's time to rotate out the old. We pulled out the old packs and the two boys can not stop laughing about it. We decided to try a day of eating the rations, just to see if it is enough. For some reason this idea was insanely funny. Joseph is relieved that there are 4 pieces of candy per day for a snack. The boys were able to pack one days worth of food in a sandwich sized baggie. Ya, that was funny too, oddly. I'll let you know what is decided on the experiment.

More books

For a little while Ive really gorgon off on these "dear America"
books. They are written for a younger age group, but they really make
history interesting for me. They are clean fast reads. I wasn't that
taken with history in school, and wonder why I couldn't have had these
back in the day. So if you want a cool look at history, take a look at
these books from your library. They are some of my favorites.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

if fabric were illegal, Id be in trouble

Our laundry room is almost done! Getting the new sink hooked up is the last thing to do. Joseph brought in my fabric boxes and now I need to organize and sadly probably weed through and donate some. I have alot of fabric! Fabric I bought with a specific project in mind, some I bought cause I just loved it- (and I'm really kinda picky) and a lot of leftover fabric from other completed projects. It's a good task, I suppose and it gets me thinking of settling down with my machine. I have a few things in mind for the new grand baby :)

David really wanted a stone floor in there, as well as in the new bathroom. I didn't like that at all because it always is so cold. We decided to compromise with a heater under the stone in the laundry room. It is still waiting to be turned on though. We have to make sure the stuff is all "cured" before we turn it on. kinda makes me grumpy.

Sweetie kitty always hangs with me and its nice not to be alone all the time ;)