Saturday, November 24, 2012

Blessing bags

A while ago I saw an idea on Pinterest for blessing bags. We put a few together for home evening. In each big ziplock bag we put in a bottle of water and some gloves and some snacks. This is what we will give people asking for money at intersections. We've had them about 2 weeks and just this weekend Dave gave away one and I gave away another. The fella i gave it to told me -thank you sweetheart! -
It was a good thing.


Growing up I was always scared of men with facial hair. My dad was always clean shaved so that, plus the scary factor, always kept me away from the bearded kind of guys.
You can imagine my shock an dismay when my own sons chose the prickly hairy look. They knew my feelings about facial hair but they chose to let the whiskers grow. I know shaving is hard on some skin, and I am empathetic about that -- anyway, I was surprised and delighted when this smooth handsome face greeted me in Saturday!! Yay! Hope it stays around!

Friday, November 16, 2012

The last package to Argentina

Yep-- the time has come. A package usually takes 3 weeks to get to Argentina. I sent this package yesterday, with just less than 4 weeks with Aubrey there. I did address it to her two companions in the case Aubrey comes home before it is delivered. She is companions with two ladies that are native Spanish speakers. They both wanted an English hymn books.

Next package goes to Florida!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The good news, really good news and the heartache

Tuesday morning I got this email!! :) :)!
Wow! It's official. My AJ will be coming home December 12! I got the email as I was waiting to vote.

I was actually very optimistic all day about the election but my hopes were dashed as the night wore on. When there was just too much cheering for the "leader" I have no trust in, Dave and I turned to a good distraction. We've been watching "Heartland".
It's a good show.
Imagine my surprise and delight when I saw a familiar face as a guest star! Anne!! With an e!!
It was a great surprise!!
Later as we prayed and turned out the lights our hearts were heavy. I do have faith that our Father in heaven is in charge and over all. I also know He respects free agency and allows hard, even evil things to happen.

Today I had the song from How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The song at the end when after someone has tried to take all the happiness from who ville- the little whooooooos are still happy and thankful.
Those words made me so so happy and lifted my heart.
May our Father in heaven help us through the tough times ahead!

Anne of green gables!

I was shocked!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

My birthday!

I spent my birthday in Houston with David. He had obligations there-- we had such a nice time. While he was in meetings I read and watched modern marvels. It was a really different birthday but it was still good. I missed being with my parents and sibs and kids-- and my wonderful girl friends.
Here's some pictures of the adventure

The great glass elevator

The hotel we stayed in was 10 stories tall. It had 5 elevators. Two were facing the inner courtyard (?) lobby of the hotel. The other elevators were just like the Charlie and the chocolate factory glass elevators. Kinda cool-- a tiny bit dizzy-ing

Thai food for lunch! With my best friend

It was delicious!!

Lots of pillows and a book!!

I finished reading "Let It Go" by Chris Williams. The book is a recounting of his experience of an accident his family was in in 2008. They were hit by a drunk teenager and four members of his family were killed. It is an amazing story of humility and forgiveness. It was a beautiful message and gift to read it.

A stop at the Godiva chocolate store

Dave saved the day after a gal tried to sell me a $300.00 package of skin care stuff. It was for all my "dry damaged skin and under eye wrinkles" wow. Thanks--- ya Godiva was comforting ;)

At The Taste of Texas

Very yummy birthday dinner