Friday, October 26, 2007

A tale of two kittys, well okay, its 3 kitties and only 2 tails

Alright, I dont think I have told you about the kitties at my house. For my whole life I have loved cats, especially kittens. As a child, I would get a kitty, and a few days later, the cute little thing would "run away". I'm still not sure what exactly that means, and I like to think that my dads hands are completel innocent, but... hummmm.... well.. anyway...
On Lauras first birthday in this home, our first home btw, we got her a little black kitty. He was promptly named Midnight. He is a good cat, and has been so tolerant of all of us. He is now about 13 yrs old, or 93 yrs old in cat years, and he is still hanging in there. One of his eyes is blind, and he broke his leg awhile ago, so he limps, poor fella. He has also aquired a few more names. My favorite is "stinky", and dh calls him "the professor" or "Professor Gee Gah dwah" ( I dont know why, I think it has to do with the Pink Panther Movies somehow) Once we got cat #2, midnight also became "big kitty" or "big".

So that brings us to Ozlo, our orange kitty. We got him for Jacobs birthday in 06. Oz is kinda psycho and he talks alot, but he is rather entertaining... He is alson known as "Tiny".

Then, last January it got really, really cold. Colder then you think it should be. Kim heard a little meow-ing in the old home she was living in. She and her room mate eventually found this little kitty that had somehow managed to get in between the walls of that house. Since it was a rental, they couldn't keep the cat, so the Provo kitty had to come here to live "until they found her owner". (does it strike you funny this it the reverse of "the kitty ran away"?) Anyway to get to the point, this little calico kitty is the sweetest little friend for me. We never knew her name, but when she would greet me at the door, I would always call her sweetie, so that is what we call her. Sweetie. She broke her tail last week. I keep asking her how, but she refuses to say. It's not too much of a surprise, because she is so curious and so adventurous. But this resulted in her tail having to being amputated. Poor little thing. I'm not sure I will post a picture, lest it upset you, or if you are like jacob, you'll laugh for a long time. So that is the "tail". She is back to normal, watching me sew and prepare dinner from her box in the window sill and purring on my lap. She keeps me from getting lonely when everyone is gone. Stinky and Oz dont care if I am lonely. That is why sweetie is my favorite.

Friday, October 19, 2007

another try

Alright then, its time to try this again. I will endeavor to not put any annoying music on my blog this time. With all the great family blogs, I was feeling left out since my blog fell apart. So here tis.

At this moment I have two projects going on. One is to sew a dress for the jr high school play. I was standing in line at walmart waiting to get some fabric cut, and I started a conversation with the lady next to me. Turns out she is the drama teacher at the jr high. For some crazy reason, I offered my sewing ability and she promptly assigned me a dress.

The second project is two quilts for some recent immigrants that are living in SLC. With the help of my mom and sisters, and a cute niece, I only have the binding left. So wish me luck.