Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day of more preoccupation #1

Dh is still involved in a project that keeps him really busy. Even
today, a Sunday, we are home alone. In efforts to keep me entertained,
AJ dragged me to my room and popped in a video. Not to worry, it's
totally Sunday approved in my book. The Ten Commandments gets more
entertaining everytime I watch it. Aub is an awesome movie watcher
companion. She has her favorite lines and dramatic moments in this
movie, while I can pretty much call the best lines through the whole
thing. It IS entertaining, especially with the aj

Just to get her huffy

If you ever want to experience the rath if Aubrey, pull in all the way
through when parking. It has to be in a diagnal parking lot.
Sometimes she will go off on the error even when I park correctly,
and we just see the error of others.
She says it just makes the whole parking plan pointless when people
pull through. Her very vocal opinion is kind of funny if you ask me.

Friday, May 29, 2009

It's really odd

I think it's kind of strange that this fabric really makes me very happy. I ended up at a great fabric store in Sandy today. I had forgotten my "block of the month" day was last Tuesday, so I went in today. When I picked up my kit, I had to look around the store too. This store is really in two buildings, across the street from each other. I found a cute apron pattern that I decided to buy, and just for fun thought I'd look for fabric for the apron. Usually I am very hard to impress as far as fabric goes. Very few fabrics really call to me, but this group of fabric totally did, especially for an apron.

Dh has been unusually preoccupied recently. In true fabric-as-therapy fashion, I soothed my ruffled feathers with getting a couple of yards of fabric.

I am actually finishing up a few sewing projects, but I will work on the apron next week. Sadly, dh will still be preoccupied with lesser important things than his awesome wife ;)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fwd: Memorial Day 2009

Today I went to two cemeteries in honor of memorial day. I usually go with my own family and meet more family there. Today, I was there alone. I'm ok with it.

Anyone that knows me knows I have a thing for family history. I love the names of ancestors I never knew. I love the stories I have heard about them.

One of the first years we lived in Utah, my sister Krista and I decideded we were going to sleuth out the grave sites of our people that were buried in Provo cemetary. I went to get her one Sunday afternoon and was teased by my dad. He thought we were up for a bigger task then we could handle. He told us- they aren't buried chronologically. Not to be dissuaded, Krista and I set out and found what we were looking for.
Two couples in my line are buried in that cemetery. Each of these couples had a child that married each other.   Both couples, and their children were Mormon Pioneers. The Mills were origionally from Canada if I remember right.

The second stop was in Springville. It took me awhile to remember how to get to that cemetery, but I found my way. This is the closer-to-me group of people. I have uncles, veterans of the service, and aunts buried there, that I actually knew. My Grandma H is also buried there, but I never knew her. She was left a widow when my dad was only 8 years old. She raised a hard working, God fearing, country loving, faithful family.  She is certainly dear to my heart for that and for many other things I've heard about her.
I am so touched seeing all the different families out honoring their loved ones. It's very sweet to see the care they give those little spots of earth dedicated to their loved ones.

I remember once before we lived in Utah, being here near Memorial Day. For some reason it was the first time I had really noticed all the flowers out and how beautiful the cemeteries looked.

Memorial Day is one of my favorite holidays.

Memorial Day 2009

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Surrounded by many I love

Today was a little party lunch for Laura and Steve and baby Jack. It was awesome and fun. We had a huge group of probably 30ish people. I had Megs take pictures for me, and she did great. While Rachel makes people smile when she has the camera, Megs just snaps away. Some of her pictures werent that flattering, so I didnt post all I wanted to, but here a flavor of who was with us today. I know the party was for Laura, but I loved it in my own selfish way. While I sat there, I thought of all the great people around me and how they were all people I love. What a treat! Its very unusual to go to a gathering and have friends from varied parts of my life there. I only wish David had showed up... and my dad, and really so many others. I am thankful for everyone that came, family, friends of Lauras, friends of Steves, friends of mine... it was really good

One tough project

This is the recent sewing project. It is a "Amy Butler" pattern, made with her line of fabric. The pattern is rated a 4 out of 5 on the difficulty level. In hindsite I'd say the difficulty is mostly in understanding the written pattern. In my frusteration trying to understand, I googled "amy
butler everything bag". I didn't get a lot of answers but one of the pages said to shorten the elastic in the inside pockets, so I did that. Mistake. Ya, the pockets are tight but it also pulls the sides towards the middle awkwardly. So, I won't do that again. Aub said she thought it looked more fashionable the way I did it... Ya that's it.

Living in the country

One of the things I really love about my town is that it is in the country. I never thought I was a country girl, but I guess I really am. A few months ago the new lambs were born, then the new calfs. It is so cool to see the little animals. Today I spotted the new baby colts. They were in a pasture right near my house. I love it!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Endeared yet again

I have been endeared yet again by my "SIL" or Son In Law. I will give you the most recent reasons for such affection.

Yesterday Laura and I chatted on the phone while Steve was at a meeting. We talked and talked. I was on my cell, she was on hers. I was in the sewing room and when someone knocked at the door, I ignored it. The "white-guilt" soap salesmen have been walking the neighborhood and I have no desire to talk to them. The house phone rang a few times, but I ignored that too. So we chatted on. My phone battery died, so Laura called back on the house phone. Eventually I had to get something out of the car so I took my phone outside. Just as I went outside, carrying my sewing project, I saw Steve coming up the drive way. I told Laura her husband was at my house. Steve said, Is that Laura? Is everything OK? I told him yes everything was okay, and gave him the phone. He chatted with Laura for a bit, and was relieved everything was okay. He hadn't been able to reach her on her phone, or me on my phone, or anyone on our house phone, and for some reason the text messages didn't go through, so he was worried something was wrong. He drove to Lehi to figure out the status of his Laura. He was very sweet to my girl/his girl, and agreed on providing dinner for my 12 hour shift weary daughter. He's so good to her.
Love that!!

second reason, same night... as we were sitting outside I told him what I was sewing was for his baby. He was SO complimentary! Usually you have to pry that kind of sensitivity and praise out of the men.
Loved that too!!

Then the icing on the cake.... while outside the minority race salesman guy walked right by... I think he was going to stop and pitch his soap, but Steve gave him the Don't-bother-my-mother-in-law look, and the dude just kept walking. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
So, Steve is the hero for sure. He is a definite keeper to be sure

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sewing for baby Jack

A grandson!!! Wow wow wow! It is still amazing to me that I will be a grandma this summer. A few weeks ago Laur and I, and Kimmie too, went and got some fabric. Laura has chosen a jungle type theme for her babys room and this is the fabric for her crib skirt and window valance. I finally got it out to work on tonight. It's a pretty simple pattern so it might be finished tomorrow. I just hope it looks okay. The window is bigger than the pattern so I'll have to be tricky there, but I'm feeling up to the difficulty! Wish me luck

Monday, May 18, 2009

A common scent these days

The boys, mostly Joseph, have been building fires most nights recently. The patio is not too far from my "sewing room" window so I usually get to smell the campfire when they get it going. Tonight for home evening we're going to cook out over the fire. All the propane is gone so the little fire pit will work just fine. We planned things in for smores too. It's going to be a great dinner.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Many years ago, on this very day

When I was a teenager I had a mad crush on a guy in my school and in my stake. He was a great kid. We had a fun friendship and eventually started dating. Things ended as he wanted to concentrate on preparing for his mission. He was called to Argentina but after only three months on his mission, he was tragically killed on May 13, 1981. It was the first real heartache I ever had. Time, among other things, and people ;) have helped heal my heart. However on this day since 1981, I have thought of that day. I mourn for the missionary's mom, and family. I also mourn for that 17 yr old girl that was me hurting so much.
I was at Hoag Hospital doing some nursing aid schooling on the 3rd floor. I was working with the new mommys. My Mom called at the hospital to ask me to come home. I knew something was up, but I didn't know what. I changed out of my scrubs and on the way out to the car it came to me. Being called home had something to do with this missionary. I have since realized that that "revelation" was a great blessing in preparing me for the next few days ahead of me.
The next day a huge bunch of lilacs were delivered to me. They came with a beautiful letter and card from my oldest sister Holly. Though I was just a teenager and my relationship with the young man was just young love, she recognised my pain. I so love her for that. So it's easy to remember this day so many years ago. Lilacs are everywhere. Sometimes I can smell them in the spring air. They are my favorite flower I think. And now you know why

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A really good thing

Tonight was a wedding reception for my cousins son. Marianne is my cousin. She was a little older then I was, so as children we weren't really close. When we moved to Utah our friendship began to grow and eventually David and I found our selves in the same ward as her and her husband. Her husband was our home teacher and a great friendship continued. So tonight I dragged my two girls with me and we went to the reception. I was supposed to meet my folks there, but they were kinda late. Kim Aub and I tried to make it as "family friendly" as possible, reminding my cousins I was one of their people, and attempting to be fun and friendly. I totally messed up on the cousins names, but laughing at myself went over well. All of Mariannes sibs are older then I am, so I really don't have history with them. If only Jim were with me we could mingle with the best of them, but as time went on, I did okay.
It really loosened up when Mom and Dad showed up. These cousins were little kids when my parents were newly married, so there is huge history there. My Dad taught two of them in school, when they were in fourth grade. My Dad and his younger brother are the only siblings left out of that whole family. I'm sure the cousins that have lost their own parents love seeing my Dad and Mom. Jeanne was so so sweet with my Dad, she kept putting her hand on his cheek. the picture didn't turn out too well.

By chance, one of Davids uncles was there, so I chatted it up with him and his wife. They are good tall people. He is so great, being a history teacher at BYU. He asked me the connection with the bride and groom, so I explained my relation with Marianne, the grooms mother. Uncle Paul quickly asked me my genealogy , and I was unrighteously proud that I could give it to him from memory. He wrote it all down. It was cool. I tend to get a little intimidated with him being such a uppity up on campus, but when I was able to ramble off names and a few dates, I think I impressed him.. well he said he was :) His wife Mary is just as great. She is so sweet and such a good talker. She really can get me yacking too.... I know... shocking.

Here's a few pictures for those of you that know these people. I am again reminded and thankful for the great family I have. We don't see each other often but nonetheless, there is such an obvious connection somehow. It is so awesome, and such a great blessing in my life.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day 2009

This might be a long one...

So many thoughts in my head tonight. Today was mothers day and of course it was delightful. The family made breakfast from me, and the little kids around here sang in church. Thankfully, the gift from the wars was not a plant. They always die so quickly that I've decided when I get a plant as a gift, I will kill it as soon as possible just to shorten the agony of it's eventual demise. We got the new pictures- in- a -spiral -notebook the church recently put out. I like it very much. I was able to have dinner with my own wonderful Mom and the men did all the cookin.

My Mom is great. She has taught me almost everything through her example. Very rarely has she ever sat me down to "teach" me something. How to be a loving fun Mom, how to be a compassionate friend, how to turn back into a younger version of myself when I am with my siblings , how to be a faithful wife and certainly how to be a woman of God.

I also honor those that have mothered me through the years, my aunts, my girlhood friends moms, the older ladies at church, and of course, my sisters. I learned so much by how they treated me, and how they lived their lives.

My life would be no where as happy without the mothers that came in my wedding package. Dhs mom did an amazing job raising such great men. Dh' s Mom, and his grandmothers were always so kind to me, and great examples. His paternal grandmother was a mother 6 very tall boys, yet very much a lady. She was more on the proper side yet not too formal. Still trying to master her buttermints!! When we first moved onto this home she lived in SLC. One day when we went to visit her she took us to her backyard with a shovel and she told us she would help us with our landscaping. She dug up some iris plants as well as the little "star of bethleham" plants. That is what the picture is at the top of this post. She gave us alot of plants and these babies hve survived for the duration!!
His maternal grandmother was just as sweet and I think more in my husbands life.

I'm so thankful for my children and for thier good hearts. I love my nieces and nephews that trained me up, and now tolerate me, by letting me mother them. I love all the cute friends of my kids that call me mamaconnie.

Truley, being a mom is an honor I treasure with my whole heart.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Mothers Day painting

This week we went to color me mine for sisters day. We went to
celebrate Mothers Day. It was really fun. My mom decides to do a fun
little plate. She used the bubble method to put the paint on.

I was kinda huffy cause I am so uncreative. My project is the last
picture, three little dessert cups. I figure a "tiny bit" is just the
perfect amount for a late night ice cream fiesta or even a naughty
late night date.

It was really fun and I need to go more often to loosen up my creative

I'll post pictures when the items get finished

Blowing paint for the effect she wanted

Mothers Day fun

Monday, May 4, 2009

my heart is so full it just might burst

Yesterday we were all at my parents home and this awesome kodak moment happened. Thankfully Krista had her iphone to snap a picture. Im not sure how to describe my feelings about these pictures. My heart is so full of happiness and awe and wonder. How could this be happening? My life is so good already, how can I be given more? How can I be a grandma when Im not "grandma" enough? Im not wise and confident and all that... How can my baby be having a baby? How can these big kids be my own children? How can my circle of love be getting bigger? Life is so amazing. Im so thankful I have this moment captured. It is certainly a highlight and milestone in my little life.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I found THE best ice so far

Through a few miscalculations Laura and I had the chance to go get some lunch together. We went to a newer place in Alpine. It is called the Blue Lemon. It is kind of trendy and very Eco-friendly. Laura got a panini and I got raspberry chicken salad minus the feta, double the pecans. It was delicious. The big surprise was the quality of ice they had! Yes yes, it is even better than the tosoro station in AF, the previous champion of ice place. I had to get a picture of it with my handsome grandson in the background.

Junior Prom 2009

Ah! Doesn't he look handsome? Today was full of prom activities. Joseph had a great time. I wasn't home when he left to get his date, nor did I embarrass him by following him to his dates home so I could see them together. Maybe the girls mom has some pictures for me. Joseph said that when he went to pick up his date there were two sets of grandparents, an aunt and uncle maybe a few more too. The daddy of his date teared up and cried when he saw his youngest child all beautiful and on the arm of a good looking and awesome young man. So glad he had fun.

How she's healing

Kim is healing and bandanging is no longer needed. She's doing okay but still a little sore.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Not of this world

In a time when very little is respected, let alone reverenced, the
temple is so obviously not of this world. Timeless wisdom and it's
connection to heaven make this place immensley soul soothing.