Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My awesome chocolate cake

So we met the family at macaroni grill tonight. It was great. I even
got free chocolate cake.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Aub and I see another Beauty and the Beast

the reason behind a few of my songs

When ever I want to check out some of my fellow bloggers, I first check the ones on the side of my own blog. I love checking on everyone and love finding out about other friends that have blogs too!

So I get to hear my song list songs about once a day. Some of the songs on my list are really close to my heart.

I wrote about the Encore songs awhile back so today I'll tell you about 2 more songs.
"Better When We're Together" and "The Luckiest" They both have to do with the acquisition of my son in law Steve.

When Laura and Steve got together she was very happy and twitter patted. I remember the night she stopped by from a clinical in nursing school. She had received some flowers at the hospital that day. We knew she was seeing someone, but didn't know this was the one that was going somewhere. She was so happy that night and laughing and hugging her daddy and I, we changed our thinking THAT night!

So fast forward through the engagement and up to getting the announcement pictures taken. When the CD was mailed to us, I slipped it into the computer and heard this song. Better when were together... Then I saw my Laura and her Steve so happy.. it was so great. This song was also on the cd at the reception, right by me, so I heard it through the night. It never got annoying. It was so connected to happiness, how could it?

The next song is The Luckiest. I had heard the song before, but I wasn't really familiar with it. The day Laura and Steve got married, Steve sang this song to my girl, at the luncheon. I wept through the whole thing. How blessed I am to have a son-in-law that adores my girl, now his girl, like that?

I love the music and it really does mean alot to me.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

While the boys camp on a cold night

Faced with an empty Friday night, I took matters In my own hands. At 3:56 pm I walked into the theater and bought one of the last three available seats to see the new big rage, Twilight. I got there just as the previews started. I was really happy to see the teaser for the new Harry Potter. While I gave reading the book Twilight a 4/10, I rated the movie 6/10. It could have been higher but certainly the comments and screams and cheering from the crowd were really annoying. So annoying in fact that I did'nt feel too guilty texting Krista during the movie. The movie was a little long too, but I do now see the allure of Edward. I think it's his good looking, self denial/self control protective-loyal nature that is so attractive. And really, who wouldn't want a boyfriend that could run and climb trees so fast? After the show I went to LHS fall musical "Beauty and the Beast"
By far, my favorites were Gaston and Lumiair- they stole the show. I had thought ahead and turned the electric blanket on inside the sheets of my bed before I left, so climbing into my lonly bed was actually very cozy. That's my Friday night alone.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A new website I like

I consider myself a pretty fair cook, yet I have never oven roasted
ckicken before. Today I read a blog that really lit a fire under me. I
decided to make this chicken to wow the house of boys I live with. So
far, two thumbs up from ds #2.
I'm not sure the picture is all that great but it was pretty good
eats. The chicken baked all afternoon and was more then fork tender. I
think I should have spiced it up more, so I'll do that next time. Take
alook at this blog. It is actually the sister in law of my own sister.
She is a cute spunky thing, even if she is an Obama supporter.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

a favorite of mine

I recently got to spend some time with this little chicka. sometimes the carseat would be too much for her. Grandma would work the magic by singing, and I caught her on my camera. Talk about a powerful patronus ala harry potter.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sisters day in California

My cell phone makes it easy to put pictures on my blog, but its tricky to put in much text.
I snapped this picture just after we got to Westminster Ca. for my aunts funeral. It was the next day. But finally all 5 sisters were together, and the patriarch was in attendance as well!! It was a great moment to catch a picture, me with my best and truest friends, my sisters. And my parents and a few nieces too :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I finished the top

Look what I finished! My thanksgiving hanging. I started it in
January. I'm going to figure out how to quilt the top and be done by
the 22nd. The leaf fabric on the side will go on the back.
I am going to another appliqué class this afternoon. Can't wait to

Monday, November 10, 2008

How did this happen?

I just looked over at what Dave was doing on the computer and this is what I found. How did such an intelligent man hook up with such a funny fun girl like me? With a massive numbered up brain like he has, it's a good thing he has someone like me in his life hua?

A new toy?

We ended up with a free coffee maker. I have no idea what to do with
it. Taking it to d i is my only plan. Is there anything else I can do
with it?

Friday, November 7, 2008

The magic of Book on tape

During this last few months I have been kinda worried about many things. Of course, one of the major ones is the so-in-your-face- political stuff going on. I made a decision early on to fill my mind with other things besides the ever present politicial garbage. So I am here to tell you that if you find yourself wanting to stay away from anything, the answer is to turn to Book-On-Tape or CD. I first turned to Harry Potter and listened to the last 3 or 4 books. It was awesome. So much is lost in the movies. The reader is the best reader for book on tape. Some BOTs I have to take right back to the library because the reader is just way too boring.
When HP was over, I turned to another series. The Children of The Promise series was perfect for me. years ago, I read these books as they came out, about one a year. It really made WW 2 seem as long as it was. This time, I flew through the 4 volumes with in a month. It seems Wally didn't have to suffer as much, but I know its just cause I blew through the books so fast. This series was so good for me to hear in these political rocky times. It gave me hope and courage to face what is before us. I thought, I'm really not a wimp, I just need to look in the right places.

Prop 8 hits Salt Lake

I just heard on the news that there will be a protest or demonstration at the SL temple tonight. It will be from many that disagree with the Church's stand on the California prop 8, the redefining of marriage prop. Regardless if prop. 8 passed or not, where is the freedom OF religion? Its not freedom FROM religion.

I was just thinking.... so those that want "marriage" for homosexuals want it approved of by God? is that the bottom line? A "civil union" gives these types of relationships all the civil rights they would have under marriage. They want the name 'marriage'?

Am I missing something here? I think it is fairly well known that the Bible and most major religions consider homosexuality acts wrong in the sight of God.

So isn't it mocking God to say, "um well God, we know this is wrong by your word in the Bible, but we don't believe you and ya, we want to be married, anyway." ?

I understand the desire to be married. I just don't get the whole God/Marriage for something God doesn't allow thing. But then again, atheists can get married.. don't know if they would get married in a church...hummmm.......

Do you think the homosexual community can understand our confusion?

I'm usually not that vocal in my opinions, and not much of an argue er. But I have some great people that can talk with you if you oppose my opinion and want to spar. He know karate too.. thus the 'spar' term. :)
I continue to be surprised at the signs of the last days, and I pray these are the last days.

Monday, November 3, 2008

From Hawaii

Look what came for me!! From kimmie.