Thursday, April 21, 2011

Watch out pride TV

Last night, Joseph was messing with the fancy video camera that belongs to the high school. He had used it earlier in the week to make a video to ask a girl to prom. So while he had the camera up, I started talking to the turned off camera like it was taping for the prom-girl. I said something like "ok he's asked you out but I expect you to wear a modest dress. My son doesnt need any distractions from a girl that he thinks so much off. The world shows so much...." yak yak yak. You get the idea. Well as quick as a wink Joseph said. I need to make a film about mothers day. Can I just ask you some questions about mothers day for Pride TV? Pride tv is part of what they play during second period for the whole school as they make announcements. So with 30 seconds of preparations we made a little film. He says it will play tomorrow at LHS. After we were done, I thought of all the other things I could have said. Oh well. Joseph did end the video with giving me a kiss in the cheek. Wonder if that will make the editing cut. I'll try and pos the video if I can get it. I'll let you know.
The picture is of the video camera screen. Didn't come out very good

I so love my brother

Now and then I go out to lunch with my parents. Often one or more of my siblings can come with us. The other day Jim met us at Jason's deli. It's always fun to talk to everyone but that day at Jason's was truly wonderful. For some reason we chose a table near the salad bar, the ice cream dispenser and the drink refill station. As we were eating we noticed the quality of the different peoples ice cream cones. Some were really pathetic, while others were almost professional. Jim and I started rating the ice cream cones that passed our way. Eventually Jim got a rating system going and as the ice cream passed us he would hold up the score. Unfortunately, no one besides us noticed the game. we did laugh a lot. I do admit we were easier in the male contestants--- we started thinking about rating the salads but that wasn't nearly as fun. It's true what my parents told me my whole life, my siblings are my best friends.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More of Memories day 4

I had to include this picture

Making memories day 4

Today we went to the SLC temple. We all had a nice experience. Later Aubrey and I asked if we could see the brides room. That is where I went before I was sealed to Dave. ;) it was so nice. The temple wasn't busy at all. In fact there were no marriages done today so it was all very calm and perfect for a little family outing. We ended up walking around temple square and going to get tasty italian sandwiches as Granatos, then to look around the gateway shopping area. We looked around a bit then I went over to barnes and noble. We had seen steve in the apple store so we knew the clarks were nearby but I had no idea where Laura and Jack were. As I was browsing, I heard a little guy kinda fussing and I thought it sounded like Jack. The best moment of the day was when I saw Laura and Jack and Aubrey all together but they didn't see me. When Jack spotted me before the girls he yelled Gamma! Laura let him down and he came over, took my hand to show me the awesome train they had. Unfortunately, he had other things to do so he and his mom left for a bit. Later we all got to see the train table and it WAS very amazing.

Making memories day 3

Tuesday was all about sleeping in and finding a place to go sledding. We found a spot not far from Brighton and spent a bit of time there. Everyone had a blast and we even got some unexpected sun. We hit a local place for fish tacos after sledding then we all took naps. later, we stomped around main street. We only stopped in three places- the ice cream place, the Rocky Mt chocolate factory and a time share place cause the guy came out and talked to us first. His little office was warm, but we didn't bite at his offer to play the time-share-pitch game~~. Back home we watched cupcake wars while we shares the goods from the chocolate stop ;)

Making memories day 2

Monday we went up to the Olympic park where the competition ski runs are, as well as training facilities. We had a fun interesting time looking around and taking the tour. We later found a little place to eat. It was called Good Thymes I think. Here's Jack kicking back with his favorite beverage and his favorite show, Dora the Explora. Having him here is such a delight. The boys especially love his little 2 yr old ways.

Making memories day one

While planning for our vacation 2011, we came up with the idea to split it into two weeks rather than two weeks in the east, later in the summer. While Aubrey was still here and the boys are out of school we took the opportunity to head up to Park City. I'm not a huge Park City fan but it's close to home. Here's a sample shot from our first day. Ya, built in bunk beds. Jacob had about 1 inch to spare. It ended up that the sister missionary took the bunk. The boys are upstairs in twin beds. This condo is kinda close quarters but it adds to the family togetherness we are after.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Where I've been recently

Last week I spent almost every evening at Lehi High School. Jacob was in the spring musical Titanic. Typically when I go see a show I've never seen before, the whole evening seems to last f o r e v e r! Then, the more I see the show the more I like it, and think about it and start repeating the songs in my head. So it went with this show. Jacob played the part of Herbert Pittman, third officer to the Captain Wednesday night I really felt the emotion and got caught up in the anguish and sadness of the tragedy. The people that were depicted in the show were actual people on the ship. There was no Jack/ Rose people. There was an older couple (Strauss, part owners in Macy's department store) on board that ended up refusing the life boats so they could stay (and therefore die) together. The take home messages for me were that evils of pride and greed and the uselessness of blame. Did honorable men really step aside so women and children could get on the life boats? Did the owner of the Titanic, a selfish "blameless" man, really sneak on the life boat? As I looked at real pictures from April 14, 1912 and the following days my mind naturally went to tragedies that have happened in my life time. Thiughts of innocent peoples death and suffering and their loved ones wondering who has survived and how his thing happened. Japan, NYC, Haiti... There's enough heartache to go around. Some of these things come from evil and greed.
How would I respond in these kind of situations? It's a deep thinking question.
My boy did so well. He had a few solo and several speaking parts. He was very striking on stage and I got several complements on his performance. Though all the rehearsals and expenses and time back and forth is a pain, the final performances are incredibly satisfying. My boy is the tall one in the middle. ;)

Friday, April 8, 2011

It's ok, Dave's not going to be arrested

Got something interest in the mail. A notice that David will have a warrant for his arrest at the end of the month. Apparently he has ignored a parking ticket from when he parked near the HS. During the week--- the work week. hummmm
So the real story came out and now one of my kids is comforting another one of my kids as they both have issues with tickets.