Sunday, April 10, 2011

Where I've been recently

Last week I spent almost every evening at Lehi High School. Jacob was in the spring musical Titanic. Typically when I go see a show I've never seen before, the whole evening seems to last f o r e v e r! Then, the more I see the show the more I like it, and think about it and start repeating the songs in my head. So it went with this show. Jacob played the part of Herbert Pittman, third officer to the Captain Wednesday night I really felt the emotion and got caught up in the anguish and sadness of the tragedy. The people that were depicted in the show were actual people on the ship. There was no Jack/ Rose people. There was an older couple (Strauss, part owners in Macy's department store) on board that ended up refusing the life boats so they could stay (and therefore die) together. The take home messages for me were that evils of pride and greed and the uselessness of blame. Did honorable men really step aside so women and children could get on the life boats? Did the owner of the Titanic, a selfish "blameless" man, really sneak on the life boat? As I looked at real pictures from April 14, 1912 and the following days my mind naturally went to tragedies that have happened in my life time. Thiughts of innocent peoples death and suffering and their loved ones wondering who has survived and how his thing happened. Japan, NYC, Haiti... There's enough heartache to go around. Some of these things come from evil and greed.
How would I respond in these kind of situations? It's a deep thinking question.
My boy did so well. He had a few solo and several speaking parts. He was very striking on stage and I got several complements on his performance. Though all the rehearsals and expenses and time back and forth is a pain, the final performances are incredibly satisfying. My boy is the tall one in the middle. ;)

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