Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Making memories day 4

Today we went to the SLC temple. We all had a nice experience. Later Aubrey and I asked if we could see the brides room. That is where I went before I was sealed to Dave. ;) it was so nice. The temple wasn't busy at all. In fact there were no marriages done today so it was all very calm and perfect for a little family outing. We ended up walking around temple square and going to get tasty italian sandwiches as Granatos, then to look around the gateway shopping area. We looked around a bit then I went over to barnes and noble. We had seen steve in the apple store so we knew the clarks were nearby but I had no idea where Laura and Jack were. As I was browsing, I heard a little guy kinda fussing and I thought it sounded like Jack. The best moment of the day was when I saw Laura and Jack and Aubrey all together but they didn't see me. When Jack spotted me before the girls he yelled Gamma! Laura let him down and he came over, took my hand to show me the awesome train they had. Unfortunately, he had other things to do so he and his mom left for a bit. Later we all got to see the train table and it WAS very amazing.

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