Thursday, April 21, 2011

I so love my brother

Now and then I go out to lunch with my parents. Often one or more of my siblings can come with us. The other day Jim met us at Jason's deli. It's always fun to talk to everyone but that day at Jason's was truly wonderful. For some reason we chose a table near the salad bar, the ice cream dispenser and the drink refill station. As we were eating we noticed the quality of the different peoples ice cream cones. Some were really pathetic, while others were almost professional. Jim and I started rating the ice cream cones that passed our way. Eventually Jim got a rating system going and as the ice cream passed us he would hold up the score. Unfortunately, no one besides us noticed the game. we did laugh a lot. I do admit we were easier in the male contestants--- we started thinking about rating the salads but that wasn't nearly as fun. It's true what my parents told me my whole life, my siblings are my best friends.

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