Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It IS winter!

I am loving this winter. Many people complain but I think it's perfect! It's been the snowiest and coldest winter we've had in decades I think this snow is just from last night and today. That little table was clear of any snow yesterday. I live the fireplace, I live reading, I love baking, I love getting in my pre warmed bed... I don't want to do these things in July- but for now, it's perfect!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Commandments

Here's what we made in primary. It was appreciated by all


Teaching primary is certainly a delight. Not to say I don't worry and stress- but once the lesson is over I take a big sigh-and sometimes a Tylenol and gear up for the next Sunday. Today our lesson was "the commandments help is choose the right" the commandments were compared to road signs that help is get back to Heavenly Father. I asked the kids if they knew what certain road signs meant. When I showed them this one, I knew it would be tricky. It took a minute, then my cute little blondie Elsa said "no snowboarding?" I couldn't help but laugh and tell her that's not what it means but it certainly could. Little smarty.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Still needing a little cooling off

A very odd activity

Jacob joined in on a hot wing eating challenge. The trick was to eat 12 of the spiciest hot wings in 6 minutes. He had to sign a waiver first--- and then he won.
He said the whole place was watching the competition and cheering. One lady, he said, was videoing him with her phone. Wish i could see the video!! He thought the whole thing was awesome. He won a headband- a gc for more wings and a free haircut, along with the respect of many. Hahahahahahahaahahah
The haircut thing is a little weird for a prize, but I'm certainly ok with it. He also got to choose anything on the menu to eat after the wings. That was a prize from the group he was with. He chose a strawberry shake. He said he really couldn't taste it but it was like eating an ice shake and he love that.

Now 2 hours later he's eating a frosty ;)

A few of the prizes

He looks a little spiced up hua? Poor red face...

An action shot

Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012- a realization.

As I think about this passed year, I realize how much this scripture fits my life right now.
Yesterday we were so blessed to attend three missionary reports. Bryson in Draper, Cameron in Highland and Ben in Lehi. Bryson and Ben are the sons of two of my best best friends. During Bryson's talk he had us turn to this scripture. As I thought about "peace" being one of the fruits of the spirit, I figured that I must be doing something wrong. Peace has not been easy for me this year.

Between Joseph's pain, the election and the contention it brought, my fathers health and sadness and David's job changes and a few other personal upsets, **peace** feels like its been slipping through my fingers.

Later I read the scripture again. Peace may have been elusive, and I will certainly seek it more, but **love, gentleness, long suffering, goodness and meekness have been abundant in my life. I consider that huge blessings. Some of these blessings have come in the wake of the hard times we've had, and some have been like a gentle soft summer rain--- .

My husband,
my parents,
my children,
my GRAND babies,
my best friends in my sisters and brothers,
my awesome happy nieces and nephews,
my sweet loving understanding girlfriends,
the great yw of our highland ward,
and the darling sunbeams ...

So many many wonderful people in my life.
True angels.

Throw in the fun and adventure that comes from David.
He brings me many amazing experiences-- sneaking up to sundance to be with him during a work weekend there, family vacation, weekly dates, adventures to see Brian Regan and Jim Brickman-- I could go on and on...
Aubrey being so happy on her mission! And her safe return....
And last, for now, but not least, Being there to witness and help Laura when Kaylee was born--

So much love in my life and so many blessings-  I am so thankful!
Heavenly Father is helping us through this tough time.
I will keep figuring out how to feel the peace that I know is there for me- and until then I will live in the love of the Spirit of God.
I really am so thankful.