Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A very odd activity

Jacob joined in on a hot wing eating challenge. The trick was to eat 12 of the spiciest hot wings in 6 minutes. He had to sign a waiver first--- and then he won.
He said the whole place was watching the competition and cheering. One lady, he said, was videoing him with her phone. Wish i could see the video!! He thought the whole thing was awesome. He won a headband- a gc for more wings and a free haircut, along with the respect of many. Hahahahahahahaahahah
The haircut thing is a little weird for a prize, but I'm certainly ok with it. He also got to choose anything on the menu to eat after the wings. That was a prize from the group he was with. He chose a strawberry shake. He said he really couldn't taste it but it was like eating an ice shake and he love that.

Now 2 hours later he's eating a frosty ;)

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