Thursday, October 3, 2013

It's been awhile

He's a quick update. Aubrey moved to Provo in August. :(. I know she needs to live her own life, but I miss her. I still see her about once a week thankfully.
Laura and her littles were here while her husband was on a business trip. It was a long one and I know it was hard on them, but I loved having them here. Laura and Joseph ran a 5k together which was awesome. Unfortunately that same weekend little Jack broke his arm and Joseph was rear ended. So now things are mending. It broke my heart to see my little buddy so sad.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ahhh... That's not a tan line

Scout camp

My two scouters

A couple of lasts

Charming and I are entering a new part of parenthood. All our first generation are grown up- legal adults. I guess we'll see how this goes--
We did have two lasts recently.
Our last graduation from Lehi High School was on the 30th. In many ways I'm happy to leave high school drama behind, but I know I'll miss lots of things about having high school students.
Just yesterday Jacob and Charming came home from Jacobs last scout camp out. Jacob got to be the senior patrol leader for timberline this year. Timberline is a leadership camp that both Joseph and Jacob have been involved in. (Charming is already on board for another timberline in 2014.)

Today is Jacobs birthday. He gets the pink slip on his life.
It's really odd to think of the future and the change ahead. Yet it's all progressing as it should, and for that I am thankful.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I did that wrong!! sorry its back wards . What we've been up to!

Time for a catch up! Here's a bit of what we've been up to. I've started a tshirt quilt for Jacobs drama shows shirts. It may be done soon-- ish. Then I'll start one with little E. (Eryn)!!!

The first of three family graduates

Brig graduated today, becomes an elder tonight and goes to the temple tomorrow. In two weeks he will be in the MTC then headed to TEXAS for his mission!

Snow cones. Well this one was for four

A visit to TG point.

We found a little corner that we love. So close to the big waterfall and kind of private. So beautiful.

Planting a sorry little garden

Some of our starts got ignored too long... Very sad

A little physical therapy

Roses for Mother's Day

The death stare lives

Every time I say something to Joseph that he does not want to do, I get the death stare. Ill ask him things like to make the kitties a play land--- death stare...
My part of the game is to say as many rhyming words to stare. Hair stair chair fair pear dare care lair rare mare. Silly jojo

Monday, April 15, 2013

We got Mongolian BBQ

It's been a hard day. I can't imagine what pain others are feeling. 
Some in my family are out trying help. The whole day breaks my heart. 
What I am thankful for today-
Valiant selfless family members in Provo willing to help goodness beat evil

3 Skype sessions with my good husband. 

My 17 yr old texting me to see if I wanted to "hang out"- we went to lunch 

Simple goodness of others

Two early returned missionaries strengthening and supporting each other. 

A darling girl from our Lehi ward is home from her mission and so so happy. 

A grandson of one of my bosom friends turned one!! His mama was told early in her life she would never have children- but she does!!

A chance to sew for someone that needs an extra hand

Faith to know that amid evil good WILL prevail

I'm so thankful for love and goodness in my life


Friday, April 5, 2013

April 5

Today we woke up very early to a call letting is know that David's father had passed away. We knew he was having a hard time, but the news came as a bit of a shock. David was scheduled to leave for a business trip to Norway tomorrow-- for about 2 weeks. With just those circumstances the early morning news got all sorts of plans spinning. (Thankfully, it ends up that Charming does not have to go to Norway)

Tonight we had a little family time and went to Thanksgiving Point. We got to walk and talk with each other and Joseph and Aubrey came too. It was wonderful. We came across a new part of TG point. There are a few larger than life statues of Christs life. There are about a dozen more model size. They were so wonderful and well done. The statues will all be larger than life and spread through the gardens. It was really really great to see them and be with a few of our kids at this tender time.

Because of love


A favorite

Thursday, April 4, 2013

What am I excited about these days

I just read a blog that asked what we were excited about-- well let me tell you
This book- I got it for fhe. It is awesome! It's all about showing kindness and love. It uses the word "dipper" which happens to be a favorite word of my 2 sons.
Being a Find a Grave volunteer
There's a family history web site where I've volunteered to go to near by cemeteries and take pictures by request. I took my first assignment on Wednesday and I went seeking on Thursday. It is incredibly satisfying to help someone do family history work. I was really happy to do it.
Planting peas
Stitching during conference
Stake president visit for Joseph
Family vacation in June!
And of course a visit from my two favorite littles maybe next month!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wow!! Angels among us

Just the other night, after a run of tough days, Dave and I were talking right before we fell asleep. I asked him "do you think there will ever be a time we go to bed happier than we thought we'd be- instead of being sadder than we thought the day would end?" (That sounds awkward, I hope you know what I mean)


Tonight is that night!! I know we are not finished with the day yet, but this day has had some great things! One of which is the package I received today. So fun. It will help in primary and in my life in so many ways. The creator of these books is our song leader in primary and she is so awesome. She has all those kids, and the teachers enthralled. What a delight!

Our Kimmie came by tonight. She is doing so well and she is so happy. No big announcements, but seeing her happy is so good for my mamas heart.

So I guess it's time to sleep now. This day ended up happier than I thought it would be, and I'm so thankful!

Monday, February 25, 2013

He went to Dubai!

Earlier this month Dave went to a conference in Dubai. He was asked to present some info on technology. I know it was a grueling flight to get there, but it was hard on me too ;) I know how can I complain? We were able to Skype while he was in another world. Never thought he would go that far away. He said next time he will take me--- I wonder if I'm brave enough to go

One of the land formations in Dubai

This country is so wealthy they create land formations out in the ocean. This is off google earth.

The goods he brought home

Dates are a big deal there, we have walls of soda or chips in the US. They have walls of dates. Cool

The money from Dubai

Sunday, February 3, 2013

How she's doing

Aubrey has been home for over a month, or as she says one transfer. She is doing so so well. When we picked her up at the airport, I was so worried she would be sad and weird with adjusting. The first thing I said to her after I found my voice, was if she was ok. She assured me she was. She still is-- no melt down or regrets. I'm so thankful she's doing so well. She's in school and has a part time job. She is officially in the singles ward in Highland, and things are going great. One of the things that has surprised me is she is still 100% on the quotes from movies game. She is still sharp and fast. It's awesome. She usually rides in to school with Dave on his way to work. That gives them a great time to talk- such a good thing. She hasn't talked about moving out, and I am certainly ok with that. It's nice not to be so alone anymore. I know it will change, and that's ok too, but for now its really nice to have her home.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It IS winter!

I am loving this winter. Many people complain but I think it's perfect! It's been the snowiest and coldest winter we've had in decades I think this snow is just from last night and today. That little table was clear of any snow yesterday. I live the fireplace, I live reading, I love baking, I love getting in my pre warmed bed... I don't want to do these things in July- but for now, it's perfect!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Commandments

Here's what we made in primary. It was appreciated by all


Teaching primary is certainly a delight. Not to say I don't worry and stress- but once the lesson is over I take a big sigh-and sometimes a Tylenol and gear up for the next Sunday. Today our lesson was "the commandments help is choose the right" the commandments were compared to road signs that help is get back to Heavenly Father. I asked the kids if they knew what certain road signs meant. When I showed them this one, I knew it would be tricky. It took a minute, then my cute little blondie Elsa said "no snowboarding?" I couldn't help but laugh and tell her that's not what it means but it certainly could. Little smarty.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Still needing a little cooling off

A very odd activity

Jacob joined in on a hot wing eating challenge. The trick was to eat 12 of the spiciest hot wings in 6 minutes. He had to sign a waiver first--- and then he won.
He said the whole place was watching the competition and cheering. One lady, he said, was videoing him with her phone. Wish i could see the video!! He thought the whole thing was awesome. He won a headband- a gc for more wings and a free haircut, along with the respect of many. Hahahahahahahaahahah
The haircut thing is a little weird for a prize, but I'm certainly ok with it. He also got to choose anything on the menu to eat after the wings. That was a prize from the group he was with. He chose a strawberry shake. He said he really couldn't taste it but it was like eating an ice shake and he love that.

Now 2 hours later he's eating a frosty ;)

A few of the prizes

He looks a little spiced up hua? Poor red face...

An action shot

Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012- a realization.

As I think about this passed year, I realize how much this scripture fits my life right now.
Yesterday we were so blessed to attend three missionary reports. Bryson in Draper, Cameron in Highland and Ben in Lehi. Bryson and Ben are the sons of two of my best best friends. During Bryson's talk he had us turn to this scripture. As I thought about "peace" being one of the fruits of the spirit, I figured that I must be doing something wrong. Peace has not been easy for me this year.

Between Joseph's pain, the election and the contention it brought, my fathers health and sadness and David's job changes and a few other personal upsets, **peace** feels like its been slipping through my fingers.

Later I read the scripture again. Peace may have been elusive, and I will certainly seek it more, but **love, gentleness, long suffering, goodness and meekness have been abundant in my life. I consider that huge blessings. Some of these blessings have come in the wake of the hard times we've had, and some have been like a gentle soft summer rain--- .

My husband,
my parents,
my children,
my GRAND babies,
my best friends in my sisters and brothers,
my awesome happy nieces and nephews,
my sweet loving understanding girlfriends,
the great yw of our highland ward,
and the darling sunbeams ...

So many many wonderful people in my life.
True angels.

Throw in the fun and adventure that comes from David.
He brings me many amazing experiences-- sneaking up to sundance to be with him during a work weekend there, family vacation, weekly dates, adventures to see Brian Regan and Jim Brickman-- I could go on and on...
Aubrey being so happy on her mission! And her safe return....
And last, for now, but not least, Being there to witness and help Laura when Kaylee was born--

So much love in my life and so many blessings-  I am so thankful!
Heavenly Father is helping us through this tough time.
I will keep figuring out how to feel the peace that I know is there for me- and until then I will live in the love of the Spirit of God.
I really am so thankful.