Monday, April 15, 2013

We got Mongolian BBQ

It's been a hard day. I can't imagine what pain others are feeling. 
Some in my family are out trying help. The whole day breaks my heart. 
What I am thankful for today-
Valiant selfless family members in Provo willing to help goodness beat evil

3 Skype sessions with my good husband. 

My 17 yr old texting me to see if I wanted to "hang out"- we went to lunch 

Simple goodness of others

Two early returned missionaries strengthening and supporting each other. 

A darling girl from our Lehi ward is home from her mission and so so happy. 

A grandson of one of my bosom friends turned one!! His mama was told early in her life she would never have children- but she does!!

A chance to sew for someone that needs an extra hand

Faith to know that amid evil good WILL prevail

I'm so thankful for love and goodness in my life


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Karie said...

You are such an amazing part of that goodness for lots of us Connie, I sure love you!