Thursday, July 30, 2009

hanging with friend Kate

I had the chance to have my bud Kate stay with us for a few days. It was very fun to have a 6 year old at our house. I found myself planning fun stuff to do like go to the pool,the park, and other 6 year old friendly activities. It was so cute to see my big boys, and Dave look after her. When we would get in the car they would help her in her booster seat, and always want to know what she was doing. The girls were cute with her too. I have a weekly lunch outing with one of my "bff" Michelle. While I was gone, Aub played with Kate. When I came home I had one more place to go, so I asked Kate if she wanted to come with me. Nope, she was playing ball with Aubrey.

I'm afraid we were far too boring here at our house, but she was a really good sport about it. I did make points by having a stash of Polly pockets of my own to show her. Those Polly pocket clothes are torture to put on. One thing that made me so happy inside, was when she was playing Polly pockets in my room, while I was reading on my bed. She had one male Polly pocket guy in the little bed, and the girl princess was with the horse and carriage. She had the other male dude walk up to the bed, and for some reason I thought- oh no a fight or "What are you doing here" or, "Cinderella is MY girl" kind of conversation between the two manly Polly pocket guys. Nope, the one walked over to the guy laying on the bed and all he said was "hello".. sheesh... I stopped watching soaps loooong ago. It was so awesome and sweet and innocent. I loved it.

The last morning she was with me, I had a lot of bad news in a few areas of my life hit me. (Laura's car accident to name one) Nothing horrid, just kinda worrisome. Having Kate with me kept my head up and was really a good thing.

I REALLY hope Miss Kate becomes a permanent part of my life--- forever!! If not, I will do my best to keep her in my life as long as I can anyway. She's great

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Valentines Day in July

A few months ago I hinted a little about the awesome valentines day
gift I planned to give David. Today he cashed in on it. The gift was
a one hour beginning flying lesson. Because of my dizziness issues, we
opted to have Mr Gadget Jacob go up with him. They both came away
wanting to pursue it more. I wish I could have seen inside the plane
while they were up there.
Now the problem... How do I top this for Valentines Day 2010?

The students

The end

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Boondocks in July

We went back to boondocks on Monday night and had a lot of fun. It wasn't too crowded but we wish Aub could have come. Dave helped keep me dry on the bumper boats but my favorite was lazertag. I think Ill do that for my next birthday ;) We went on the slick track three times and that was pretty fun. I'm more adventurous out there then I thought I'd ever be. Here's a few photos for ya

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Don't ask me why

I went to Ikea today. Don't ask me why. I did get some new pans, which
we needed. A few other things were procured that we can use, a tray
and cutting boards. But I couldn't stop myself from getting a few
other items. Its lik when i take pictures of Jack- i cant stop myself.

There was a cute pack of finger puppets I had to get. I had to get a
set of four tiny glass jars. Dont ask me why. They are kinda like
mini glass cookie jars. I have no idea what I will do with them.
There was a little set of stoneware dishes and bowls. Ya, could not
walk passed them with out indulging. Don't ask me why. Oddly, they
make me very happy. On the way home, just to complete my happiness, I
went by sonic and got a big bag if their awesome ice.
It's been a good day.

Friday, July 10, 2009

One of my favorite things

Folded chips! Dave found a double folded one and gave it to me-- I
married the right man for sure.
Others on my favorite things list-
Lots of feather pillows
Crushed ice
Warm bubble baths
Tiny dill pickles
and there are many more.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lunch with AJ

Today Aub and I were out getting stuff done and we stopped for a
little lunch. We went to a newer place in Lehi that Dave has taken me
to. It's a lttle Japanese place. The lunch servings were huge and the
sauce on the side options were awesome. Hot mustard, teriyaki,
ginger, and the special house white sauce. Plus soy and hot thai sauce
too Aub says the white sauce is like fry sauce- but oriental-ish.
The ginger sauce is totally my favorite. It has pieces of ginger
grated into it.

Anyway, the point of this post is how fun it is to be with a beautiful
girl when lunching. Especially at a place where guys go. When we
first walked in, a whole table of guys openly checked her out. It was
so funny. The other guys we saw were more causual at it, but that
first table was awesome. Trust me, I teased my pretty girl adiquatly

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Butter dips

Tonight I made a old family favorite. My mom used to make these-
probably still does. It seems like she made these when we'd have tuna
salad for dinner. so that's what I do. I've only known one other
person that has ever made them, besides my mom and sisters. My sister
in law Cheryl made these one night when we were over. I was so
surprised she knew this family secret recipe.

You need
All amounts are guess work, sorry. Make a simple biscuit dough with
the bisquick and milk. Don't make it too sticky, and mix it well. You
can even use the counter to knead it a bit. Then shape the whole thing
in to the same shape as your pan. I usually use a 9X13 pan, so I pat
the dough into a little smaller size than that. Meanwhile put about a
cube of butter into the pan and slip it into the oven as it preheats
to 400*. Slice up the dough into breadsticks sized lengths. Take the
melted butter and pan out of the oven. Take each •butterdip• and
dip each side into the melted butter. Find a place on one side of the
pan to start lining these babies up. It doesn't have to be perfect or
even very pretty. Fit in as many butterdips into the pan as you want.
If there is too many they come out a little dry, so don't over fill
the pan. Bake at 400* till brown. Arrange to get these out of the oven
right before your husband comes home from work. When he walks in, he
will remember what a smart man he was to marry you.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Glowing with Jack

Today I'm hanging with baby Jack and my own kid, his mama. Her daddy
and his daddy are out golfing 18. He's still on the biliblanket,
though his level is down a little. He'll get another test tomorrow.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The bili lights

Here's a look at the bili blanket. It's more like a tiny special
heating pad Its right next to his skin on his back and his
onesie is on top, then he's all snuggled up in a blanket. He doesn't
even know it's there, or maybe he really likes it alot.

Day 4

Today little Jack was put in the bili blanket. He will get another
level taken tomorrow. He is tolerating this treatment just fine.

I'm a believer

I have been taking guitar lessons since February. My teacher lives
nearby and is awesome!! She is a little older than me, and has been
playing guitar since she was really young. Her Mom taught for BYU and
developed a great program that my teacher now uses.
I have been using the guitar my good husband gave me. It's been good.
It is a steel stringed guitar. It broke my fingers in really well.
Kinda sorely...
Well, I ran in for a make up lesson the other day and I didn't have my
own guitar. I had come from the hospital :)... So I used the teachers
guitar and I really liked it. It is a nylon stringed devil. The neck
of the guitar is a little shorter and a little wider and made playing
it more comfortable. After commenting on it, she told me she had a few
nylon string guitars for sale, so I now have two guitars. It was a
great deal and I am loving the change. It is a little different
fingering and I have to get used to that. But I am happy to have two
guitars. The one in the back is the newer one.