Monday, April 15, 2013

We got Mongolian BBQ

It's been a hard day. I can't imagine what pain others are feeling. 
Some in my family are out trying help. The whole day breaks my heart. 
What I am thankful for today-
Valiant selfless family members in Provo willing to help goodness beat evil

3 Skype sessions with my good husband. 

My 17 yr old texting me to see if I wanted to "hang out"- we went to lunch 

Simple goodness of others

Two early returned missionaries strengthening and supporting each other. 

A darling girl from our Lehi ward is home from her mission and so so happy. 

A grandson of one of my bosom friends turned one!! His mama was told early in her life she would never have children- but she does!!

A chance to sew for someone that needs an extra hand

Faith to know that amid evil good WILL prevail

I'm so thankful for love and goodness in my life


Friday, April 5, 2013

April 5

Today we woke up very early to a call letting is know that David's father had passed away. We knew he was having a hard time, but the news came as a bit of a shock. David was scheduled to leave for a business trip to Norway tomorrow-- for about 2 weeks. With just those circumstances the early morning news got all sorts of plans spinning. (Thankfully, it ends up that Charming does not have to go to Norway)

Tonight we had a little family time and went to Thanksgiving Point. We got to walk and talk with each other and Joseph and Aubrey came too. It was wonderful. We came across a new part of TG point. There are a few larger than life statues of Christs life. There are about a dozen more model size. They were so wonderful and well done. The statues will all be larger than life and spread through the gardens. It was really really great to see them and be with a few of our kids at this tender time.

Because of love


A favorite

Thursday, April 4, 2013

What am I excited about these days

I just read a blog that asked what we were excited about-- well let me tell you
This book- I got it for fhe. It is awesome! It's all about showing kindness and love. It uses the word "dipper" which happens to be a favorite word of my 2 sons.
Being a Find a Grave volunteer
There's a family history web site where I've volunteered to go to near by cemeteries and take pictures by request. I took my first assignment on Wednesday and I went seeking on Thursday. It is incredibly satisfying to help someone do family history work. I was really happy to do it.
Planting peas
Stitching during conference
Stake president visit for Joseph
Family vacation in June!
And of course a visit from my two favorite littles maybe next month!!