Monday, June 29, 2009


Not many things in my life top what happened today. I became a grandma. A new man is truely in my life. It was such a blessing to be with Laura and Steve most of the time we waited for baby Jack. Both Laura and Steve were awesome. Im so proud of them both. I know it was not easy for either of them. I adore my son by marriage so much. I walked back in from doing something and Steve was helping my girl and counting to ten. Those of you who have been there know what I mean. No nurse, no doctor, no mother in law... just the mama and daddy getting through and getting their little guy here. We were up all night but, even now, its hard for me to slow down enough to sleep. Heres a few more moments from early this morning.

Meeting some of the aunts and uncles

Little Jack

My next miracle

At 5:58

Still waiting and the sun is starting to shine.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Treats for the daddy

Lauras co workers prepared treats for Steve. Can you tell what the
drinks are wrapped in?


Lauras co workers decorated the room before she even arrived

They are all ready here!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My arsenal

A few weeks ago my husband got sick. He has never been the type to
milk a cold. When this sickness brought him home from work early on
Monday, I knew he was feeling rotton. He stayed in bed until Thursday,
and back to work for 1/2 a day after seeing a doctor. He did not have
H1N1 but was put on 2 meds. My two girls here at home came down with
some of the same stuff as David. Even Laura got sick. It has taken
awhile for the sisters to get over their stuff. With all that as
background you can understand why I am worried about getting sick. We
have 2 weddings this weekend, and my little Jack will be having his
first birth day soon, so I have many plans for the next little bit.
After asking around here is hat I am using to keep me healthy while
those around me are at different levels of coughing, sniffing and
I've always been big on good hand washing. I also use zicam and air
born as often as recommended. I can't talk the sickies into taking
this stuff, except the gummy vitamin C. They especially wont use the
grapefruit seed extract. So far so good. As of today, one wedding is
down, one to go. We'll see how long this plan works. If you have
anymore suggestions to keep from getting sick, let me know.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The shoe issue

I woke up today with complete confidence that the shoe count in my marriage was just about even. Well let me break it to you harshly- it is not. I do have way more shoes than dh.
I could only find one of my black Sunday shoes which has lead to a needed closet clean up. I've now put all my boots and winter shoes away and have broken out my summer wear. It was like finding old friends. Some of these sandle/ flip flops I just love. Sadly they are wearing out. The shoe fashions today often dont appeal to me so I'm just gonna have to wear wearing out shoes for now. Love the brown sparkely ones in the middle and of course the "fit flops" and the yellow flowery ones, and  the pink cushy slippers are high on the list. My little tan oriental ones are awesome but they are looking kinda ragged... What a quandry. Maybe I'll go looking for more shoes today. But I gotta finish the closet first...I did find my black Sunday shoes!  Never really knew I had a shoe fettish.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kinda fun

Aubrey and I were out doing errands today and came across this new
little place. We brought home treats for Davids homecoming. A little
pricey but fun and some were really yummy. We cut them all in six or
eight little pieces and shared with everyone. Davids favorite was the
key lime, while I'm not sure any were awesome enough to be a favorite.
( I didn't taste them all.) The names I remember were - cookies and
cream, pumpkin chocolate chip, cherry chocolate, smore, German
chocolate , peanut butter and chocolate. The store is in Draper. If
you want to give it a try Google "beyond glaze" for the address.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Isn't he awesome? He is so smart and funny and spiritual. I'm so lucky
to have him. I am constantly in awe that he chose me.

Yesterday was a great day

yesterday was a really fun day. Davids work party was at boondocks in draper. Aubrey had to work, but the others joined us. We had a lot of fun. David and I played a game of mini golf, and if you know us both you will not be surprised to know that he was pretty serious about the game, while I was rather light hearted. Eventually I got him to cheat with me by one of us standing in 1st or 5th position by the hole, while the other putted. It was awesome. The kids all had fun I think. We all played a few rounds of lazer tag which was really good. Why can't all excercise be that fun?
Later Kim and I went to a bridal shower for our good friend Brindy in Saratoga Springs. We met Laura there. It was really fun and in a beautiful location, right by the lake. It was a stormy day and the lake was so rough, but it was awesome to see it all out of the windows looking over the lake towards Orem. My own little grandson decided it was time to play with grandma, and I had an amazing experience of feeling that little guy kicking around. It was a great day, and for whatever reason, it really wore me out.

Friday, June 19, 2009

A summer outing

I took the kids over to Draper to Pirate O's today. It was a little summer outing. Here are a few pictures from the visit. While we were there, the owner, who suspiciously reminds me of Toodles from Hook, or one of the guys in Harry Potter, gave each of us a candy. It was called Ginger chews, or something like that. I was the only one that really liked them. At .10 cents each I got a few more. They make me think of how spicy I wish my homemade gingerbread turned out. I think nephew Blaine will really like them. We got a few candy bars and a kinderbueno for Laura, and Jacob got some Japanese hard candy. It is a really fun little place. Its in a really old building and smells a little funky when you first walk in. They have added a lunch counter, but we didn't get sandwiches today. It was a good time. If you want to go there, get off on 12300 south and go east. Turn left at 700 east I think, and go almost to the railroad tracks. Look to your right and you will see it.
Pirate O's
11901 S 700 E
Draper, UT 84020-8203
(801) 572-0956

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The other side

Here's a shot of the reverse side. Next time I won't use three prints,
just two I think. At least for the body of the apron.

Look what I made

I just finished my apron. I used the fabric I bought a few weeks ago
that I loved. I just need a few decorative buttons to complete the
project, but that won't keep me from wearing this baby in the kitchen.
My 16 year old son told me he likes it when I wear an apron. He says
it's because he knows I'll be doing some serious cooking or baking
when I put one on.
I think I'll make a few more of these. One for Chelsea and one for the
ward r s service auction.
Now I get to go look for more fabric! ;)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The end of a commission

A few years ago I was asked to become a notary public. I was working part time for an adoption agency. They needed another notary to be available for their legal things. Looking back it was a very facinating job. I'll never forget the young woman I was with as she had her baby with her eyes closed the whole time. She didn't want to see her baby, then place it for adoption. Nor will I forget the adopting dad that stood back during the birth if his soon to be child, and I showed him a better place to stand. He could now see his baby come while still respecting the birth moms privacy. So many amazing experiences came with that job. I loved it. Even after I stopped working for that agency, I would still notarize for them. This past week my notary commission expired. So this is the end of a very awesome part of my life. I'm sure I'd do it again if asked, and it was a good thing for my family.
I notarized a few other types of documents as well. The most touching was of the signing of the will of a terminally sick person. Wow! Alot of different situations. Many normal everyday things, but some so tender and close to my heart. It was much more than I ever imagined when I agreed to become a notary.