Saturday, March 24, 2012

First snake of 2012

It's kind of difficult to see this one but Joseph found sweetie-kitty messing with a snake today. Thankfully she didn't try to bring it in the house. Joseph and I are going to start naming the snakes. This one had to have a name that starts with an "A". Albus was chosen by Joseph--- it didn't feel right to me-- but we went with it. Next snake will be "B" and maybe a girl name. We'll do this like the hurricanes. Oy

Pinterest try #2

I fixed the flowers so they don't look so wild. I do wonder how long it will be until the candy starts to ah... walk away. Not by me, trust me. I'm saving it all for real chocolate ;)

I do some indexing almost every day

I think I've written about indexing before and I'm still kind of obsessed with it. It has the same power of a good book on that it can take me to a different time. I do feel more productive indexing then reading. The other day I was working on the 1855 New York census. I came across a family with the last name "Goodenough". Awesome hua? Then I came across this little gem. Joseph Jones, 93 years old but "hoeing corn today" WOW how cool!! Thought I'd share the fun. Is it strange that I think this is fun?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A very sobering day, a good day

Today David and I went to the funeral of one of the funnest guys we know. He lived further down in the ward than we did, but he was in the ward just about as long as we lived there. It was typical to see Gordon driving down the road in a convertible I never knew he had, or on a gas powered scooter or some other fun devise you'd think to only see the under 18 crowd propelling down the road. (He was in his upper 40's) He has a ready smile and wit and laugh.

His wife Dixie is awesome and such an example to me. She was the RS president when we moved out. She is so kind, and so calm in every situation. I ache for her.
Gordon was diagnosed with leukemia shortly after Joseph didn't go to the MTC. That alone has helped me keep perspective most of the time. I knew Dixie was carrying on and doing what needed to be done, with out too much drama. I know this not because I was with her, but because I know her. This is her example to me, as well as for other reasons.

There was so many of their family members were there, so most of the cedar hollow 2nd ward sat in the over flow and cultural hall. It was heaven to be among so many members of our Lehi ward. So much love and and friendship and history there. Other members that had moved were also there. It really is a family with them. I'm so thankful to know them, to know Gordon, and Dixie. One of my dear friends wrote about Gordon on her blog. Her daughter was in Gordon's primary class. This little gal told her mom that her favorite thing about Brother Calkins was that after every primary class he would tell each child "love you". So that is my new goal. I teach some great young women at church, I need to tell them that I love them. They helped me more than they know in adjusting to our move.

There is no reason to with hold love from the ones that I do love. There is nothing wrong or weird about saying "love you" I'm going to do it more.

I know heaven is a better place with Gordon there. I know he is with loved ones, and hopefully time goes faster there, so he won't hurt too much for those he left behind. He has two missionaries out and hopefully he can help them.

I'm thankful for life and that we are here with many we love. It's certainly not an easy life, but friends and family continue to show me the way and add so much love to my life.

Pinterest dreams

Pintrest FAIL

So just how many jelly beans do I have to get?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We made cards for sisters day

This past Tuesday cute Jess showed us how to make cards. She had made some herself and they were so cute and happy. I made my two cards right off-- kinda copying Jess' design. One was a happy birthday card, and the other a thank you card. I was awesome. So awesome that my Mom asked me to make her cards for her. I started to get the things together to make her cards and I asked her what she wanted her cards to say. She thought a minute then said "Go To Heck" SOOOOO... that's how I made her card. It was awesome again. We were all giggling about it and decided we could have a line of cards under the name of "anonymous angry woman cards". You know, for those times you want to send a card with a certain message. Other ideas besides the original "Go To Heck" were, "you're not as cool as you think you are" and "no one cares". Though I try really hard to be sweet and keep my mouth shut, this silly idea was just fun to run with with the ladies of the sisters group.
What were the other angry messages we thought of?
Please dont think of me for this idea, and please please please never send me a card from an anonymous angry woman ;)