Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We made cards for sisters day

This past Tuesday cute Jess showed us how to make cards. She had made some herself and they were so cute and happy. I made my two cards right off-- kinda copying Jess' design. One was a happy birthday card, and the other a thank you card. I was awesome. So awesome that my Mom asked me to make her cards for her. I started to get the things together to make her cards and I asked her what she wanted her cards to say. She thought a minute then said "Go To Heck" SOOOOO... that's how I made her card. It was awesome again. We were all giggling about it and decided we could have a line of cards under the name of "anonymous angry woman cards". You know, for those times you want to send a card with a certain message. Other ideas besides the original "Go To Heck" were, "you're not as cool as you think you are" and "no one cares". Though I try really hard to be sweet and keep my mouth shut, this silly idea was just fun to run with with the ladies of the sisters group.
What were the other angry messages we thought of?
Please dont think of me for this idea, and please please please never send me a card from an anonymous angry woman ;)

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Kadee said...

Oh man, I'm so sad I can never make sisters' day! Seriously, those cards sound hilarious. I hope all is well!