Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Had to share this one

What a doll!! Love this boy. Laura, wisely, has been keeping Jack from his nap so he will go to bed easier. That makes between 3-6 very dangerous, we called it the bewitching hours. No Nap Zone! My favorite gramma trick was to take him out back to water the plants. He'd skinny down ago his diaper and have a great time.

My summer party is ending

Catching up---
Stephanie married Spencer, and oddly enough we don't see them much anymore. Kim moved back to Provo, so we only see her and Aaron on the weekends. Laura went back home, Joseph enrolled in a few institute classes, (which is so good!!) and Jacob is now in school. It's really different around here. It's good and sad too. It was so great to have a houseful for a little bit. I love love love my family and am so thankful that David still is home!!

ToyStory 3

Laura put the movie on for Jack and both big boys came in to join us. I was sewing but it warmed my heart to have them with me.

Laura and her littles had to go home

Sorry about the blur- action shot

First day of school

But I didn't take the picture till the third day. Poor last child. Can you tell he's a drama guy? Sorry. It should be "theater" guy.

We have peaches!

This was just the first gleaning.

My at-this-moment picture to Aubrey

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Today - another great day

A few days ago we were told that a dear member of the cedar hollow ward had passed away. David and each of the boys had home taught them the whole time they were in the ward. Brother Fred Pola is a kind quiet wonderful gentleman and blessed our family in such a loving way. As things went the family was in need of two eagle scouts to stand with the military 21 gun salute. Sister Pola asked if Jacob could help, and when I offered Joseph's serve as well she was very happy and relieved to have the two scouts she needed. Joseph and Jacob were flag bearers of the US and the Utah state flags. They looked so great and did a great respectful job. It was such a great funeral. It was full of love and tears. Neither of my sons had been to a funeral before. We hoped it wouldn't be too different for them. They both had such a great experience and felt a great reverent sacred spirit. I'm so thankful for this great service to my boys that Fred Pola gave to us. He is certainly a hero to us.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

An amazing experience

Last spring I heard about a woman's retreat that was going to be near my house. It was going to be held at the end of July which seemed so far away. I have been out I my groove for awhile and I hoped this might help me out. So I went and it was great.
I wasn't there 30 minutes before two ladies in my group told me they had been in abusive marriages. I heard women speak of their addictions, as well as the plague of porn and the wake it leaves. "my problems we quickly put into perspective. One night we had a fireside with Kenneth Cope. He sang the whole time and I was close (with in a few yards) so I could watch his hands while he played the guitar. It was great in so many ways. There was such beautiful spirit there. Went I got in my car to leave the news was on the radio, I felt the world come back into my life. It wasn't good.
After months of being a little lost, somewhat apathetic, I came away from this retreat with motivation and focus and a determination to be happy-- really happy. I've made goals having to do with my attitude and my relationship to my Father in heaven. My heart has been softened-- humbled, all in a positive loving way. It's hard to describe. I'm so thankful I went, and though they might say some of the same things next year- id sure like to go again. The last day was salon day and this picture is a few of us when we got back to the retreat.