Saturday, August 18, 2012

Today - another great day

A few days ago we were told that a dear member of the cedar hollow ward had passed away. David and each of the boys had home taught them the whole time they were in the ward. Brother Fred Pola is a kind quiet wonderful gentleman and blessed our family in such a loving way. As things went the family was in need of two eagle scouts to stand with the military 21 gun salute. Sister Pola asked if Jacob could help, and when I offered Joseph's serve as well she was very happy and relieved to have the two scouts she needed. Joseph and Jacob were flag bearers of the US and the Utah state flags. They looked so great and did a great respectful job. It was such a great funeral. It was full of love and tears. Neither of my sons had been to a funeral before. We hoped it wouldn't be too different for them. They both had such a great experience and felt a great reverent sacred spirit. I'm so thankful for this great service to my boys that Fred Pola gave to us. He is certainly a hero to us.

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Karie said...

Your boys (and girls) are great Connie, just like their parents. Ready and eager to help however they can. We love you!