Saturday, June 30, 2012

The painting

Here's the picture of the drawing or painting I thought about while in Nauvoo

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Saturday in Adam ondi ahmen

We spent the night in Jamesport. It's a great little Amish town. The place we stayed was so great-- we felt very welcome and taken care of. The owners visited with us a bit and told us they could tell we were LDS and that everyone of the locals would know too. Indeed when we went to get a little dinner we felt like we were being watched.
Saturday was spent getting to independence where we will head home from on Monday. We went by Adam ondi ahmen and walked around a little. It seems at each place we stop David and or I have a chance to share feelings and testimony of the sacredness of where we are. It certainly was a sacred spot in Adam ondi ahmen. It is very peaceful and big and safe. Later we went to the Far West temple site, then to two old pioneer cemeterys. The kids were so good and patient with the whole cemetery visits. I know it's not their favorite thing to do.

*whining up ahead. Warning*

We ended up in a "bed and breakfast" that is really odd and interesting. The kids make it really fun laughing at all the oddness. I am thankful for the bed and hot shower and don't mean to complain, but it's a old house or mansion that is creaky and musty. I couldn't sleep well cause I was so freaked out about the mustiness and wondering if all the pictures came alive in the middle of the night. This place is full of stuff and I'm feeling crowded because of it. The owner had some music on when we got here which was chimy type music. Kim said the boys were kinda creeped out with the whole thing. I just must stop. I can't explain it all but I'm kinda bummed we are staying here again tonight.

The view

Friday David and I got up early to walk the trail of hope in historic Nauvoo. It is the path the saints took as they left Nauvoo for the last time. All along the path there are posts with the words of some that left. It was a very sweet experience with my great husband. We had a chance or go to the lands office and get information on some ancestors that lived in or around Nauvoo.
We went to the Gun makers house and shop. In the back yard, the view was familiar. David pointed out to me that we have a picture in our home by Lyndi Mott of the same vantage point. She painted it as it may have been the fall before the saints had to leave. I'll post a picture of that picture when I get home and we can see how close we were in our guess.
In the picture the small white fenced area was where a small baby's grave was discovered when they were excavating the land. That is where the little girl still is buried.
I've been blessed to be in Nauvoo a few times, and I will always love it. It is beautiful. It is full of history of love, joy, sorrow, and miracles. It's The City of Joseph.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Thursday in Carthage

We started the day going down to Carthage. The presentation has changed from the last time we were there. It's a bit less intense than before. All but Kaylee and Jack went through the tour. Later Kim Joseph David and I went to the nauvoo temple. It was miraculous and wonderful to be there.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wednesday in Nauvoo

I love it here so much and could spend much more time here. We got to see a few of the sites when we got here. We ended the evening at the senior missionary performance. Its so great to be here

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


We had lots of fun today looking in caves and trying out the zip line. Later we traveled to hannibal where we are spending the night. We are making good memories and seeing this part of our great country. The Mississippi river is right behind us.

The top of Saint Louis

We began our family vacation this week. Thankfully Laura and Steve and company could join us. Our first stop was the Gateway Arch. The day was kind of cloudy and a Monday and the crowds were sparse. We got up to the top in a little willy wonka type elevator train pod. It started to mess up my crystals (meaning it made me dizzy) until I just closed my eyes to the whole thing. Joseph tried to trick me into opening them. Speaking of which he did not even flinch or stress about the airplane ride, nor the freaky tiny tight elevator, nor being up 630 feet in the air. All issues that have been too much in the passed. Major score!
This picture is at the base of the arch. You can see the south end of the arch just over Joseph's head. Notice jacks awesome smile it's our favorite.
More to come

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The final look

The dress

We finished the dress really last night, but had to make a few stitches to gather the sides up at the last minute. Kaylee was not thrilled with the whole primping. Kimmie made her a little pearl bracelet to finish off the look.

A new sister

My brother got married yesterday. He found his true princess. I am so happy for them and for me.

What the sisters did on sister day

Some of the brother in laws pitched in too.

What I did on sisters day

I figure it was kind of lazy, but I also figure I won't always be able to hold his hand.

One person FHE

While David and Jacob were at Timberline all last week, I found myself alone for FHE. What's a woman to do? I went to a nearby place and got a great pedicure. They have a great sugar scrub and then use warm lotion. It was awesome.

Friday, June 1, 2012

The dress so far

Here's the second sample dress I sent to Laura. She added the sleeves and the ribbon. The real sewing on the real fabric starts tomorrow. Could be interesting 8)