Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The top of Saint Louis

We began our family vacation this week. Thankfully Laura and Steve and company could join us. Our first stop was the Gateway Arch. The day was kind of cloudy and a Monday and the crowds were sparse. We got up to the top in a little willy wonka type elevator train pod. It started to mess up my crystals (meaning it made me dizzy) until I just closed my eyes to the whole thing. Joseph tried to trick me into opening them. Speaking of which he did not even flinch or stress about the airplane ride, nor the freaky tiny tight elevator, nor being up 630 feet in the air. All issues that have been too much in the passed. Major score!
This picture is at the base of the arch. You can see the south end of the arch just over Joseph's head. Notice jacks awesome smile it's our favorite.
More to come

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