Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to having 5, at least for tonight

Tonight we ended up with 3 extra young men at FHE. It was great. For this mama that keeps loosing kids, it was great to have so many with us. Last night we had one extra friend, Jenner, for "spiritual time". David taught the boys how to consecrate oil for the healing of the sick. It was a great discussion and Joseph was able to consecrate some oil. That event lead to some great questions so tonight we watched a conference talk from last fall by Elder Oaks. One of these visitors is one month behind Joseph in preparing for the mission. I'm not sure what the other guys plans are but either way they were all attentive and respectful during our FHE. It was just 25-30 minutes king, but it was a great FHE!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Should we come to Hawaii again

Mornings are very slow. You'll want to wake up at 4:30 am for the day but you can sleep in until 9. That's 1:00 pm Utah time

If you don't want to sleep in, hit
the beach early like by 7 or 8. The crowds are non existent so parking is a breeze. The sun isn't too intense so the whole sunscreen issue is relaxed as well. You'll be done after an hour so you can go back as sleep or just start your other adventures after that.

It's not like So Cal with a jack in the box across the street, so you have to bring your own snacks and drinks.

Sunsets are not to be missed, but for me, bedtime soon followed. Even though it's only 7 at night the Utah time factor is very real.

Good water shoes are so awesome, as well as a good effective sun hat.

Have mac-nuts and pineapple everyday in some form, not too much. Just some.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Our busy summer-

May 12-15 
Two weekends of wood badge camp- David
May 22-Mission farewell, open house 
May 23- Houston miracle (David could be in town for Aubrey's leaving on the 25)
May 25- departure to MTC 
June 2- Joseph graduation
June 2- grandbaby #2 announced
June 9- Jacobs license 
June 10 Jacobs first date
June 16-18 Youth conference
June 20-22 Girls camp
           Jacob ordained a priest
June 28- July 5 Virginia reunion/ DC 
July 14-16 Solo idaho trip Idaho reunion
July 15-Harry Potter 7.2 in Idaho opening day
July- Read "learned optimism"- I'm a pessimist. Bummer
July 26- August 13  
3 weeks in a row of scout camp for Jacob
July 30- Sundance outdoor theater. Sound of music 
July 31- Joseph ordained an Elder 
August 4-Wedding shower- Sara
August 6-Wedding & then reception at my house
August 10 The Help opening day
August 11 & 12 Kim graduation 
August 12 scera shell outdoor theater-  Aida
Aug 15-23 Hawaii

A great break

After a good and busy summer we have been fortunate to run off to Hawaii for a few days. Two years ago we bought a voucher for a vacation in hawaii on a really great deal. It would have expired in October. So we decided to use them this month. It's been a super good summer and this get away is perfect for us. We've been so involved in different things that to stop everything is very relaxing. We've been staying in Kona but we have not even taken a picture of the coffee everyone wants us to drink. We do love the "ah sigh ee" bowls though. Sorbet type smooth berry at the bottom, granola and fresh fruit drizzled with honey is great. We also had alcohol free peenya coladas. I know. Such a non islander to not know how to spell those words. Ah well. I did buy a Hawaiian blouse so I fit in better and now David and I are a match! It's been a great break but when it's over I'll be happy to be home. This is a great time!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A very good day

Today Kimmie graduated from BYU. It's been such a hard road for her. Dancing has taken it's toll on my girl. With all the bumps and bruises and disappointments and the surgeries on her feet, and crutches in the winter weather, the schooling was rougher than anyone predicted. But she did it! So proud of my girl. All her set backs and her perseverance and determination adds more to the fact that she graduated. I couldn't help but get all teary and emotional as the music started. Then every blond girl that came in fooled me and I thought they were her. Joseph was able to come but Laura and Steve were working and Jacob is at timberline scout camp but we still had a nice time. More ceremony tomorrow- it's a good day!