Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to having 5, at least for tonight

Tonight we ended up with 3 extra young men at FHE. It was great. For this mama that keeps loosing kids, it was great to have so many with us. Last night we had one extra friend, Jenner, for "spiritual time". David taught the boys how to consecrate oil for the healing of the sick. It was a great discussion and Joseph was able to consecrate some oil. That event lead to some great questions so tonight we watched a conference talk from last fall by Elder Oaks. One of these visitors is one month behind Joseph in preparing for the mission. I'm not sure what the other guys plans are but either way they were all attentive and respectful during our FHE. It was just 25-30 minutes king, but it was a great FHE!!

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Karie said...

What a great home evening idea! Joseph will be so prepared, just like Aubrey was. We sure love you!