Saturday, August 20, 2011

Our busy summer-

May 12-15 
Two weekends of wood badge camp- David
May 22-Mission farewell, open house 
May 23- Houston miracle (David could be in town for Aubrey's leaving on the 25)
May 25- departure to MTC 
June 2- Joseph graduation
June 2- grandbaby #2 announced
June 9- Jacobs license 
June 10 Jacobs first date
June 16-18 Youth conference
June 20-22 Girls camp
           Jacob ordained a priest
June 28- July 5 Virginia reunion/ DC 
July 14-16 Solo idaho trip Idaho reunion
July 15-Harry Potter 7.2 in Idaho opening day
July- Read "learned optimism"- I'm a pessimist. Bummer
July 26- August 13  
3 weeks in a row of scout camp for Jacob
July 30- Sundance outdoor theater. Sound of music 
July 31- Joseph ordained an Elder 
August 4-Wedding shower- Sara
August 6-Wedding & then reception at my house
August 10 The Help opening day
August 11 & 12 Kim graduation 
August 12 scera shell outdoor theater-  Aida
Aug 15-23 Hawaii

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