Saturday, August 20, 2011

A great break

After a good and busy summer we have been fortunate to run off to Hawaii for a few days. Two years ago we bought a voucher for a vacation in hawaii on a really great deal. It would have expired in October. So we decided to use them this month. It's been a super good summer and this get away is perfect for us. We've been so involved in different things that to stop everything is very relaxing. We've been staying in Kona but we have not even taken a picture of the coffee everyone wants us to drink. We do love the "ah sigh ee" bowls though. Sorbet type smooth berry at the bottom, granola and fresh fruit drizzled with honey is great. We also had alcohol free peenya coladas. I know. Such a non islander to not know how to spell those words. Ah well. I did buy a Hawaiian blouse so I fit in better and now David and I are a match! It's been a great break but when it's over I'll be happy to be home. This is a great time!

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