Sunday, December 26, 2010

The new naughtiness

Why I'm glad sees candy is expensive

For some reason I had to make this new candy for Christmas this year. It turned out pretty well. It is a scotch kiss wanna be, a soft caramel candy surrounding half a marshmallow. I really like it. I ate too many- it didn't take many to be "too many". 3 I think. On Christmas i had two and got a huge migraine sugar headache They are delightful. If you want to see the recipe google scotch kiss recipe and you'll get a link to a blog that has a step by step , with pictures, tutorial. thank heaven they are so expensive at sees- and that sees isn't too close ;)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Before jack

A few weeks ago we made these silly little treats at sisters day. I had to blog on these two pictures cause I laugh every time I see them.

After jack

So she says

Maybe next year I'll blog on happy pictures in my life. Here's one of Katie's back. It was reported by her 5 yr old sister that Katie drew this on herself---- a little suspicious I'd say

So beautiful

It didn't come

We are waiting for Aubrey's mission call to come. We thought it would come yesterday. Well, it didn't. Thankfully there is enough other things to do to keep us occupied for awhile. Laura said it must be taking a little longer because they need to really make sure her call to the SLC temple mission is right for a Lehi girl ;)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last Saturday

Last Saturday I was laying in bed texting my last post about going to the when a call came in erasing my post. It was Joseph. He had left about 7:30 am for work at south town mall. The morning was unusually snowy. The snow really started Friday night and I actually had the thought that night that the snow was going to cause our family a wreck. So Joseph got to the other side of the point of the mountain, a typically more dangerous part of the freeway, and did a couple of spins on the ice. He ended up in the right shoulder, er... Passed the right shoulder where the jeep had run into a wire type fence. He told us about what had happened and we got his location just as the highway patrol got there. We jumped out of bed and got to him as soon as we safely could. He was sitting in the patrol car, to stay warm and safe, when we pulled up. He came back and got in with us shaken sober and prayerful. He still wanted to go into work, so we took him. We're not sure of the damages but the jeep was "undriveable". He did get a citation for going faster than conditions allowed-- bummer. We are so thankful he was ok and that no other car was involved. It could have been so much worse.

What we ate

So for what ever reason I've been very neglectful of my blog. Sore-ey. I needed something kinda big to pull me back to the blog world so you get a food review. Last Friday we found ourselves all alone. We had tickets for the whole family to go to The Christmas Carol at
The Hale Center Theater. The kids all took off early saying they would meet us in Orem-- so David and I hit a place in Orem to grab a bite. I had been there before but was not that impressed. It is called Paysen or something close to the city of my birth Payson. It's run by the cafe rio peoe but it is Italian food. We got the chicken Florentine soup and a sandwich, and a little panna cotta to share. The food was tasty and easy to get quickly. We will go there again.