Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Im not sure how to feel about this

We signed the papers and the Lehi house is up for sale. I'm both happy and sad. Type in Utahhomelocater.com and search MLS #991521
The house looks great.

Monday, September 27, 2010

something new

A few days ago, my good friend Michelle talked me into going for a walk with her. We went to the Lehi Legacy center and walked for about an hour. It was awesome. She is a very good listener and helps me keep a balanced view of some garbage in my mind. I had forgotton how therapeutic walking with a friend can be. It beats music or book on tape by far. I have thought about comparing the music I walk to and sending it to my sisters in exchange for their playlists. I have really enjoyed the latest book on tape Im listening to. It is the Christ Stewart series of "the great and terrible" I didnt think I would be okay with it, but surprisingly the end-of-the-world sernerio isnt too much for me. ANYWAY, walking and talking it really awesome. That first day, I was really sore. Mostly my ankle, which is odd, but must be from an old break. So we have gone a few times and its awesome. I am convinced that there is no way excercise will help me lose weight, but I do have hope it is good for my heart in more ways than one.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The good news is the bad news

Joseph was able to secure a job about a month ago. He works at a kiosk in south town mall and sell the *balance* bracelets. It doesn't matter to me if the bracelets do all they claim to do, I'm just thankful the guy has a job. He is paid hourly with some commission. He does a good job and has usually sold more than he is expected to each shift. Whatever.... A recent perk has been discovered. It is both good and bad for me. Joseph works near mrs fields cookie store. The cookies go on sale after 8:30, so when Joseph works that late, he gets a few cookies or brownies to bring home.

This past summer during the prep and actual move, I often wanted just one really good chocolate chip cookie, ok maybe two. The kids and I had an mission to find the best pre made cookies. I never really found a favorite. I do have to say that in my quest Mrs Fields gets my vote now. They are better than Albertsons, subway, Kneaders, great harvest and Costco. They are also better than homemade in the fact that they don't end up to be 36 cookies calling my name. Thankfully I don't go to south town mall ever and thankfully half a cookie satisfies me, ok maybe a whole one.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I had to do it

I ran off to the book store the other day to find a gift. I was very unprepared for what I saw as I turned the corner of a row. There with several non threatening books was Voldemort--- it's true. I've tried to avoid his face and his voice for as long as he's been around. It's very tricky and rather upsetting when it jumps out at me when my guard is down. So! I did what any sensitive person would do and I made is face unseeable. I feel very good about this act of service to my fellow men.

Ps. I am not a racist.

Today at sisters day

I meet with my Mom and 3 sisters and a couple nieces and friends each week. We actually took most of the summer off with occasional meetings at the park- but now we are in full swing. It was my turn to be in charge, but I spaced it. We were going to etch our names into glass bakeware--- well we rescheduled that and Mom stepped in with a worthwhile activity. We made the little boxes out of plastic canvas. There is a jingle bell in each box. We can donate them to the humanitarian department of the church or to the festival of trees. We also made a pan of 7 layer dip to enjoy. We had lots if littles with us today which is always fun. Mom, Karie, Laurie, and I each had a grand baby there. Holly had two there, but she lives in California so we enjoy Adam and Dillon for her. Adam is just a little fella, but he pointed out several pictures of a football in the newspaper to me. What a cutie. We also had adopted-in Tori and Macy there. It was a lot of fun.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sometimes I get so sad

David and I spent most of today working in the Lehi house. We did some exterior painting and a little interior painting. It seems like we did more than that. I came over yesterday to let a hvac guy in to work on our furnace. I sat in the house for about 1 1/2 hours while they fixed the problems. When I finally left, I was pretty sad. It's hard to put my finger on exactly why this happens sometimes. There are so many great memories and relationships associated with the Lehi house. I guess I think too much like an old sentimental lady.