Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Today at sisters day

I meet with my Mom and 3 sisters and a couple nieces and friends each week. We actually took most of the summer off with occasional meetings at the park- but now we are in full swing. It was my turn to be in charge, but I spaced it. We were going to etch our names into glass bakeware--- well we rescheduled that and Mom stepped in with a worthwhile activity. We made the little boxes out of plastic canvas. There is a jingle bell in each box. We can donate them to the humanitarian department of the church or to the festival of trees. We also made a pan of 7 layer dip to enjoy. We had lots if littles with us today which is always fun. Mom, Karie, Laurie, and I each had a grand baby there. Holly had two there, but she lives in California so we enjoy Adam and Dillon for her. Adam is just a little fella, but he pointed out several pictures of a football in the newspaper to me. What a cutie. We also had adopted-in Tori and Macy there. It was a lot of fun.

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