Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The good news is the bad news

Joseph was able to secure a job about a month ago. He works at a kiosk in south town mall and sell the *balance* bracelets. It doesn't matter to me if the bracelets do all they claim to do, I'm just thankful the guy has a job. He is paid hourly with some commission. He does a good job and has usually sold more than he is expected to each shift. Whatever.... A recent perk has been discovered. It is both good and bad for me. Joseph works near mrs fields cookie store. The cookies go on sale after 8:30, so when Joseph works that late, he gets a few cookies or brownies to bring home.

This past summer during the prep and actual move, I often wanted just one really good chocolate chip cookie, ok maybe two. The kids and I had an mission to find the best pre made cookies. I never really found a favorite. I do have to say that in my quest Mrs Fields gets my vote now. They are better than Albertsons, subway, Kneaders, great harvest and Costco. They are also better than homemade in the fact that they don't end up to be 36 cookies calling my name. Thankfully I don't go to south town mall ever and thankfully half a cookie satisfies me, ok maybe a whole one.

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Karie said...

I think your good news is GREAT news. Maybe you could be in charge of treats for Sisters day sometime soon, but not next week since we are going to lunch.