Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I had to do it

I ran off to the book store the other day to find a gift. I was very unprepared for what I saw as I turned the corner of a row. There with several non threatening books was Voldemort--- it's true. I've tried to avoid his face and his voice for as long as he's been around. It's very tricky and rather upsetting when it jumps out at me when my guard is down. So! I did what any sensitive person would do and I made is face unseeable. I feel very good about this act of service to my fellow men.

Ps. I am not a racist.


Dixon Family said...

Thanks for making me laugh today!
Love to you,

Karie said...

You make me proud Connie! Nice going, many a shopper doesn't even know the trauma you protected them from by your small act of kindness.