Monday, September 27, 2010

something new

A few days ago, my good friend Michelle talked me into going for a walk with her. We went to the Lehi Legacy center and walked for about an hour. It was awesome. She is a very good listener and helps me keep a balanced view of some garbage in my mind. I had forgotton how therapeutic walking with a friend can be. It beats music or book on tape by far. I have thought about comparing the music I walk to and sending it to my sisters in exchange for their playlists. I have really enjoyed the latest book on tape Im listening to. It is the Christ Stewart series of "the great and terrible" I didnt think I would be okay with it, but surprisingly the end-of-the-world sernerio isnt too much for me. ANYWAY, walking and talking it really awesome. That first day, I was really sore. Mostly my ankle, which is odd, but must be from an old break. So we have gone a few times and its awesome. I am convinced that there is no way excercise will help me lose weight, but I do have hope it is good for my heart in more ways than one.

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Holly said...

if you keep it up it will help you loose weight, I promise. I can maintain a weight lose by counting points and watching what I eat, but I can only loose more weight by exercising! It will work!